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Igor Gorgonzola Piccante DOP

Dark Blue Veined Beauty

It’s not a com­plete cheese plat­ter if the most pop­u­lar Ital­ian cheese isn’t a part of it. Why of course, the Gor­gonzo­la blue cheese comes to mind. Need the unique vari­ety? Then the Gor­goron­zo­la Pic­cante or so-called the spicy gor­gonzo­la. This priced cheese has remained on the tables of many Ital­ians for cen­turies, and for good rea­sons. Gor­gonzo­la offers cheese lovers, a crum­by, soft, mar­ble-like tex­ture that entices your palate and makes you wish for more.

Tast­ing Notes from the Curator

Igor Gor­gonzo­la Pic­cante is the old­er cousin of our Gor­gonzo­la Dolce. If you are more into the fla­vor and nut­ty aro­ma, then give in to the seduc­tion of Gor­gonzo­la Pic­cante which is made with the peni­cil­li­um roque­for­ti mold. You are set for a dark bluish, veined cheese with mold through­out its ivory sur­face, and though less moist than Gor­gonzo­la Dolce, it is still creamy and sweet, with a great sharp­ness and tart­ness that lingers in the mouth. 


Made from pas­teur­ized cow milk, there are lots of things you can com­bine with your tasty Gor­gonzo­la Pic­cante. Igor Gor­gonzo­la Pic­cante can be used in cream sauces for meats and pas­tas, crum­bled over salads.There are indeed many ways to have your gor­gonzo­la. How­ev­er, if you just want to enjoy it in all its mouth­wa­ter­ing good­ness, then go ahead and dig in with grapes, pis­ta­chios, and hon­ey tag­ging along. 

For wine par­ings, choose to pair this spicy blue cheese with your favorite sweet dessert wine or sparkling. You may also select well-struc­tured and aged red wines.

An Award­ed Native Cheese

Gor­gonzo­la is a native cheese to Italy. This loca­tion is filled with high and plain lands that are blessed with high­ly skilled arti­sans, cream­eries, cat­tle, and for­age. Gor­gonzo­la might not have been as pop­u­lar as its French coun­ter­part, Roque­for­ti, but today, what came to exis­tence based on a love sto­ry, now goes through sev­er­al stan­dards to ensure the utmost qual­i­ty. The cheese in the EU has a PDO sta­tus, and in Italy, a DOC. There is even a con­sor­tium cre­at­ed to mon­i­tor its process. Prod­ucts that have met the utmost stan­dards are then award­ed the large G on their label.

Storage Instructions

Keep refrig­er­at­ed. Store wrapped in foil/​plastic or air­tight con­tain­er. Once opened, con­sume with­in 1 week.

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