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Francisco Moreno Giftbox – Candied Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate

A Decadent Sweetness

Fran­cis­co Moreno has been can­dy­ing fruit since 1902, much to the delight of affi­ciona­dos all over Europe. Their box of can­died straw­ber­ries dipped in choco­late makes a won­der­ful gift for any occasion.


The straw­ber­ries used in Fran­cis­co Moreno’s treats come from the famous straw­ber­ry-grow­ing region of Spain: Huel­va in Andalu­sia. These berries have a rep­u­ta­tion for a beau­ti­ful bal­ance between tart­ness and sweet­ness. They are can­died with­out preser­v­a­tives or col­orants, then sort­ed so that only the best are used in their gift box­es. They are then dipped in high-qual­i­ty 62% dark choco­late, ready to be pre­sent­ed to your loved ones.


Can­died straw­ber­ries are a delight all on their own. You can have them with an assort­ment of roast­ed nuts or oth­er dried fruits too. If you like your pre­served fruit with cheeses, we rec­om­mend wait­ing it with mild soft cheese like Brie. We like them with a glass or two of bub­bly. Our G.D. Vajra Mosca­to D’Asti is great for this treat!


At Fran­cis­co Moreno, next to any­thing can become a can­died sweet. From dif­fer­ent fruit like orange, straw­ber­ry, cher­ry, mel­on, and clemen­tine to chest­nuts and oth­er fruit-nut mix­es — they use their spe­cial slow-pro­cess­ing method to infuse these foods with just the right extra amount of sweet­ness. Their prod­ucts are used through­out the Euro­pean pas­try industry.

Storage Instructions

Store your can­died fruit in a cool, dry place. If the indoor tem­per­a­ture grows too warm, you can place the straw­ber­ries in the refrig­er­a­tor, but close to the door. Do not allow the fruit to become frozen.

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