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Beillevaire Prestige Truffle Butter in Tin

Premium churned butter


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A delicious creamy butter from premium producer, Beillevaire, this has fine bits of truffle mixed in, adding a wonderfully complex and unique flavor.


Made with pasteurized cream, the Beillevaire Prestige Truffle Butter comes in a conveniently sized tin. The cream is made with fresh milk from nearby family farms, and churned the traditional way—yes, as in with wooden churns, to create a cream that is incredibly smooth.

This butter, aside from its incredible quality, also contains bits of finely grated truffle, added in before its final churn. The combination of tradition and flavor creates a butter that nothing in the industrial market can imitate.


These artisanal churned butters from Beillevaire brings simple bread and butter to a whole new level. This Truffle Butter, in particular, is great with crusty bread. Try it also with dishes that have nutty, earthy qualities to them.


Fromagerie Beillevaire began in 1980, when Pascal Beillevaire decided to combine his two passions: agriculture and trade. Between operating a family farm, looking for additional market penetration for their produce, making homemade butters and creams, Fromagerie Beillevaire was created.

From the onset, the company’s commitment to tradition and quality set it apart from other producers and affineurs in the French Market. The company focuses on the promotion and preservation of farmhouse and artisan cheesemaking practices, and the name Beillevaire is a guarantee of quality and prestige.

Beillevaire’s business model is unique, operating as both producer and affineur. Beillevaire makes cheeses, butter, cream and yogurt. To meet the demand for their products, milk is collected twice daily from a dozen nearby family farms and brought to the workshops still warm. Milk collection has become a trademark process of the business, ensuring that only the highest quality milk is used for their products. All of Beillevaire’s products are artisanal (they are among the last producers making butter with raw cow cream in wooden churns).

Storage Instructions

Refrigerate your butter immediately when it arrives, leaving it in its original tin. Once opened, keep refrigerated, and consume within 2 weeks.

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