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Van Steenberge Baptist Saison 4pc Bundle

Refreshingly Citrusy and Hoppy

Part of Van Steenberge’s Bap­tist craft line, orig­i­nal­ly pulled at their in-house Bar Bap­tist, this pale ale is one of a trib­ute like to brew­ery founder Jan Bap­tiste de Bryne.


Saisons were orig­i­nal­ly farm­house ales, pale ales that are heav­i­ly car­bon­at­ed, fruity, and spiced. The orig­i­nal saisons had very low ABVs, but the Bap­tist Sai­son sits at a pleas­ant mid­dle ground of 6.5 per­cent. The style leaves a lot of room for inter­pre­ta­tion, and Van Steen­berge fer­ments theirs to a pleas­ant bit­ter lev­el with a dry after­taste and a touch of sour­ness. It has a smooth­ly acidic finish.


Saisons are ver­sa­tile, rus­tic beers that go with rich, fat­ty food on a warm sum­mer day. Among seafoods, they go well with large, sweet mus­sels like Bou­chot Mus­sels AOC or fish stews like bouil­l­abaisse. They go well with bloomy-rind cow’s milk cheeses and goat cheeses, and their inher­ent spice make them pair pleas­ant­ly with spicy Asian and Mid­dle East­ern foods. The fizz and bit­ter­ness work as a palate cleanser, refresh­ing between bites.


Jan Bap­tist de Bryne began brew­ing as an exten­sion of his agri­cul­tur­al oper­a­tions in the late 1700s. Cool­ing tech­niques didn’t exist back then, so beer brew­ing was a win­ter activ­i­ty. When Jan Bap­tist began brew­ing his orig­i­nal brown beers in the East Flem­ish Ertvelde, a dis­trict of Evergem, he unwit­ting­ly laid the foun­da­tions for the Van Steen­berge Brew­ery. In 2017, the mod­ern brew­ery launched the Bap­tist line, clear, top-fer­ment­ed beers, as a trib­ute to their founder.

Storage Instructions

Store beer bot­tles upright to pre­vent yeast rings from appear­ing. They must be kept in a cool, dark place at approx­i­mate­ly 13°C. Don’t allow beer to be caught in bright light for long peri­ods of time to pre­vent it from attain­ing a ​“skunky” taste.

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