Callebaut No. 823 Callets Couverture Milk Chocolate

Classic creamy couverture

The iconic couverture milk chocolate preferred by chefs the world over, the Callebaut No. 823 Callets are very smooth, with a great workability, and a milky flavor.

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With a warm deep color, great workability, smooth texture, and standard fluidity, the Callebaut No. 823 Callets are couverture milk chocolates preferred by chefs everywhere. It has minimum 33.6% cocoa composition (30.2% cocoa butter and 4.9% fat free cocoa), 15.8% fat free milk, and 6% milk fat. It’s rich and balanced, with a strong milky, creamy flavor, with sweet caramel notes, and hints of roasted cocoa.


Pair this with spices like cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, and clove, fruits like mango, apricot, and lemon, and alcohols like cognac and grappa. Its flavor also works well with truffle oil.

Use it for making caramels, pralines, molded chocolates, spreads, ganache, and mendiants. It’s also brilliant for making custards, glazes, mousses, crèmes, pastry fillings, ice cream, soft serve, and frosting.


Established by Octave Callebaut in 1911 in the small village of Wieze in Belgium, Callebaut quickly established itself a favorite amongst chocolatiers, pastry chefs, and bakers. Octave Callebaut’s chocolate recipes became so iconic, that 811 of his 823 recipes are still produced to this day. They steered their focus early on toward the professional market, making chocolates that would supply and service chocolatiers, bakeries, restaurants, and confectioners everywhere.

It was after the second World War that couverture chocolate became their core business, with a wide range of blocks, bars, and tablets. Their famous callets made their appearance in 1988, and revolutionized baking chocolate.

They remain the finest bean-to-bar Belgian chocolate, with all their cacao beans sourced from the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Ecuador. They have a dedicated team that perfects each blend of beans, and each batch is tested and molded to perfection. Cacao beans, after all, vary in taste depending on many factors: harvest, seasons, terroir, climate conditions, etc. It is only with the meticulous and constant attention to detail that Callebaut dedicates itself to that they maintain consistently superior in quality over the years.

Store your chocolate callets in a cool, dark place, ideally between 18 to 24°C. You can use the refrigerator, but place the chocolate in an airtight container to keep the moisture and humidity out—and retain its full range of flavors, of course!

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