Thumbnail 1 - GastronĂ´made Chiang-Mai Chimichurri by Aaron Isip
Thumbnail 2 - GastronĂ´made Chiang-Mai Chimichurri by Aaron Isip

GastronĂ´made Chiang-Mai Chimichurri by Aaron Isip

A most versatile condiment


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Chef Aaron Isip’s version of the classic Chimichurri makes for Gastronômade’s most versatile sauce yet. It’s deliciously herby, with a perfect punch from Thai herbs.


The GastronĂ´made Chiang Mai Chimichurri is made with not just a singular herb, but seven carefully selected fresh herbs, all sourced from local organic farms. Thai herbs are added to give it that extra oomph that will take your taste buds to gastronomy heaven. It will elevate and liven up any dish, instantly taking it from home-cooked to restaurant quality.


The Gastronômade Chiang Mai Chimichurri by Chef Aaron Isip is one that will work incredibly well with so many dishes—from steak, to grilled meats, to roast chicken, to seafood dishes, and even salad! There is no limit to what you can use this sauce with. We suggest pairing it with our new range of Black Market steaks. Simply grill it hot and fast until medium rare to medium, finished with only a little bit of salt.

Drizzle Gastronômade Chiang Mai Chimichurri on top, and you’ll be taken to gastronomical heights.


Chimichurri, Argentina’s favorite condiment, is a mystery. It would be difficult to find the real origin of this incredibly versatile sauce. A Perbacco chef, Staffan Terje, thinks it is identical to the Sicilian salmoriglio sauce, which is used mainly with seafood. Other historians think it was invented by gauchos to flavor the meat they cooked over open fires.

Even its name is a mystery! Argentine food critic, Miguel Brasco, believes it came from British soldiers taken prisoner after their failed invasion of Rio de la Plata in 1806. Apparently, they asked for condiments for their food, and mixed English and Spanish. Another story says it comes from a bastardization of “Jimmy’s curry.” Jimmy was apparently an Englishman who joined the fight for Argentine Independence. It may also have come from the Basque word, “tximitxurri,” which means “hodgepodge,” or “a mix of things.”

Storage Instructions

This sauce is meant to be stored in the fridge. Consume no more than 2-3 month after opening.

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