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Jewel Of Russia Classic Vodka

The Drink of the Czars


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An authentic Russian taste, the Jewel of Russia Classic Vodka has an unparalleled smoothness, with a fresh, clean taste.


Jewel of Russia is a respected vodka brand, lauded as one of the best. Their classic vodka is made with the highest quality Russian hard winter wheat and rye, combined with pure, deep-well artesian water. It follows centuries-old Russian recipes to ensure authenticity.

It’s a premium, full-bodied vodka, with an ABV of 40%. It’s housed in a bottle with a 300-year-old design, a silk cord, and a red wax emblem and seal.

It has an incredible smoothness, owing to the special five-step slow-flow filtration process. On the nose, it’s fresh and clean, with creamy, lemon-peel notes. It’s soft and creamy on the palate, rich and smooth, with peppery undertones. It has a gentle and clean finish, fading softly, with no trace of the harshness found in other vodkas.


Traditionally drunk chilled and neat, the Jewel of Russia Classic Vodka is also great to use in cocktails. Try it for vodka martinis, vodka tonics, Moscow mules, or screwdrivers. The classic vodka pairing is, of course, caviar. But it’s also great to pair with cheeses like ricotta, pickles, sushi, sashimi, or smoked fish.


The word “vodka” comes from the Slavic word, “voda,” meaning water. It’s not unanimously agreed where vodka truly originated—whether it’s Russia or Poland, but it is universally agreed that it is so popular in many Nordic and Baltic countries that it’s been dubbed the “vodka belt.”

Vodka is usually stored in the freezer. Because it has a lot of heat to it, the cold will tame that heat, and it results in a beautiful smoothness and richness.

Storage Instructions

Store your bottle upright in a cool, dark place, ideally between 12 and 15°C. Unopened bottles can last for an indefinite amount of time, but the closer you get to the bottom third of the bottle, please consume quickly to prevent oxidation and taste alteration.

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