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Tequila ArteNOM Selección de 1146 – Añejo

A Whiskey Among Tequilas

From the home of cel­e­brat­ed tequi­las, the dis­tillery La Tequi­leña, mas­ter dis­tiller Enrique Fon­se­ca ages Selec­ción de 1146 in Caber­net Franc bar­rels to cre­ate a non­pareil añe­jo tequila.


The col­or of pol­ished amber, the Selec­ción de 1146 was cre­at­ed by Fon­se­ca exclu­sive­ly for ArteNOM. The tequi­la is sep­a­rat­ed into two batch­es (a forty-six­ty split) to be aged in Caber­net Franc bar­rels from the Loire Val­ley in France. The small­er batch is aged for three years, the larg­er one for two. After­wards, they are inte­grat­ed into toast­ed Amer­i­can white oak bar­rels used to age Ten­nessee rye whiskey. The end result is a mas­ter­ful bal­ance of oak and agave with the heady scents of but­ter­scotch, bak­ing spices, vanil­la, and a touch of cit­rus. On the palate, this tequi­la car­ries notes of tof­fee, can­died wal­nut, dark choco­late, cus­tard, and orange zest.


Because of its strong roast­ed notes and fla­vors from at most three years of final aging, añe­jo tequi­la is sip­ping tequi­la almost on par with a light whisk(e)y. Have a qui­et night in and enjoy a fin­ger or three with a few squares of Michel Cluizel La Lagu­na Dark Choco­late. This is a tequi­la meant to be enjoyed with sweets, and its caramel notes will come out with a bowl of man­go sor­bet, and so too will its vanil­la and choco­late notes with a rich espres­so fudge brown­ie. If you snack on the slight­ly savory side, sweet pota­to fries is a treat with a few fin­gers of añe­jo. And yes, pour out a bit more to go with a beau­ti­ful rare steak.

This tequi­la is made for the smok­i­er, dark­er cock­tails. Try it in an Old Fash­ioned or Man­hat­tan, even a Mar­gari­ta with lemon and hon­ey. Make a Mexi-Cuban fusion by switch­ing out the white rum for this tequi­la in a Moji­to or spike your after­noon blend­ed cof­fee and make your­self a Mex­i­can Shakerato.


Enrique Fon­se­ca dis­tills agave pre­dom­i­nant­ly found around his high­land home­town, Ato­tonil­co el Alto in Jalis­co. It is 5,541 feet above sea lev­el. The dis­tillery of La Tequi­leña itself is in the famed town of San­ti­a­go de Tequi­la, home to the blue agave plant that pro­duces a spe­cif­ic type of mez­cal — one which came to share the town’s name, tequi­la”. This new-named liquor has been pro­tect­ed by the Mex­i­can gov­ern­ment ever since. It’s no won­der, with this proud tequi­la her­itage, that Fon­se­ca pro­duces over 15,000 liters of 100% agave tequi­la every year.

Storage Instructions

Store your bot­tle upright in a cool, dark place, ide­al­ly between 12 and 15°C. Unopened bot­tles can last for an indef­i­nite amount of time, but once opened, this liquor should be con­sumed with­in the year.

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