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The Secret Ultra Tender Cut of Aberdeen Angus IGP by Metzger Frères

The Every Day Treat

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Metzger Frères presents The Secret Ultra Tender Cut of Aberdeen Angus IGP, an indulgent culinary experience of rich flavors, intense aromas and exceptional tenderness at a price that makes it an every day treat. Originating from Scotland's famous Aberdeen Angus cattle, this product is marked by quality and tradition.

Tasting notes of the Curator

Skillfully crafted by the experts of Metzger Frères, this special cut of Angus beef is known to tantalize the senses with its incredible tenderness and juiciness. The rich meaty flavor, evident with every bite, is a tribute to the premium quality of Aberdeen Angus cattle. A distinguished depth of flavor impressively showcases the cattle’s natural diet, translating into a mature, earthy richness that is unparalleled in the world of meat products. Every morsel of this extraordinary cut lets your taste buds indulge in an authentic meat experience, enriching your palette with the full-bodied essence of premium quality Aberdeen Angus beef.

This cut holds a certain clandestine charm for two distinct reasons:

  • Firstly, it’s a cut that does not feature in American butchery and lacks an equivalent English translation. This underscores a fundamental difference between the philosophies guiding American and French butchery. The former, focusing on productivity, seeks to feed the maximum number of people, while the latter emphasizes meticulous dissection of individual muscles to celebrate their unique characteristics.
  • Secondly, this cut is christened as ‘Merlan’ in French, denoting a petite muscle with densely packed fibers nestled on the inner thigh’s surface. Its limited activity lends it an exceptional tenderness that is hard to replicate. Such a cut is categorically included in the exclusive ‘Butcher’s cuts’, a collection held in reserve for their most esteemed clientele.

Pairings and Suggestions

To fully appreciate the unique flavor profile of The Secret Ultra Tender Cut, a few culinary companions are suggested:

  • Cooking method: Grilling, pan-searing, or roasting all amplify the natural flavors of the cut.
  • Side partners: This cut pairs excellently with earthy vegetables like mushrooms or robust root vegetables.
  • Sauces : The intense flavor of a red wine reduction or peppercorn sauce complements it beautifully.

Use your culinary creativity to bring out the best from this luxury meat cut.

A Tradition of Excellence: Metzger Frères’ Legacy

Metzger Frères, a name synonym with quality and excellence in the meat industry, has a fascinating story. Anecdotes abound of Metzger Frères meticulously handpicking each Angus cattle, caring for their diet and living conditions, thereby ensuring the unmatched tenderness and taste of each cut. The meticulousness has made this product a favorite among culinary experts globally, earning accolades and recognition.

Storage Instructions

Store The Secret Ultra Tender Cut in a refrigerator to maintain its freshness. For the best taste and tenderness, bring it to room temperature before cooking.

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