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Argentinian Angus Ribeye

Juicy Aromas, Grill Master's Dream

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Enjoy a premium cut of beef known for its rich, bold flavors, and tender juiciness - the Argentinian Angus Ribeye, proudly curated by Boucheries Metzger.


The Argentinian Angus Ribeye is a savory delight, endowed with a robust, beefy aroma and a delightfully marbled texture that promises a juicy bite every time. Originating from Angus cattle, a breed celebrated for its premium meat quality, this cut of beef is a gourmet treat. Raised on the lush, plentiful pastures of Argentina, these cattle grant us the gift of their superior meat that carries a unique, intense flavor. Boucheries Metzger’s Argentinian Angus Ribeye stands out in the premium meat category, delivering an experience rich in taste and tenderness. The marbling in the Angus cattle develops a generous wealth of flavor that heightens your culinary experience, engaging your palate in a drawl-worthy delight.


This premium cut of beef serves up an exquisite flavour profile which combines seamlessly with bold and assertive pairings. It matches particularly well with an Argentine Malbec, a full-bodied red wine recognised for its dark fruit flavors and smoky finish. Other grand matches involve robust red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Syrah/Shiraz that do justice to the steak’s bold flavor.

Beyond the beverage, season the meat with a liberal amount of salt and pepper, or even a marinade of your choice, then grill or sear to your preferred doneness. Remember, the secret to the best steak is in its preparation and cooking method.

The Angus Argentine Tale

The history behind Argentinian Angus beef takes us back to the year 1879. That’s when Aberdeen Angus cattle, the breed known for their superior meat quality, were first imported to Argentina. The unique climate and grazing conditions in Argentina contribute significantly to the distinctive taste of the meat. Known for their mastery in the art of butchery, Boucheries Metzger, a family-run business dating all the way back to the 1930s, provides us with this exclusive cut. Argentinian Angus Ribeye, a product of this veteran brand, truly embodies their commitment to showcasing exemplary meats, evident in their selection of high-quality cuts.

Storage Instructions

To retain its freshness and prevent spoilage, store the Argentinian Angus Ribeye in the refrigerator at a temperature below 40°F (4°C). Before serving, allow the meat to rest at room temperature for a few minutes to redistribute the juices and enhance the flavor.