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A5 Japanese Wagyu Tri-Tip

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A5 Japanese Wagyu Tri-Tip is an interesting cut of meat. It is a flavorful, versatile cut that is just as good as its more premium counterparts that are usually reserved for specialty restaurants and diners. Because of its versatility and having more cooking options, this cut of meat is the choice of many home cooks.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Tri-tip is a cut from the cow just under the sirloin. It is very thick, and because of this thickness it offers far more versatility when it comes to cooking the steak. Having said that, it still bears the flavors and buttery creaminess associated with other A5 wagyu steaks, such as the picanha. And of course, it is A5, which means that it excels in all categories to be judged. These categories are:

  • Marbling - the amount of intramuscular fat
  • Meat color and brightness
  • Color, luster, and quality of fat


Tri-tip can be prepared in the same way as other high quality cuts (over charcoal grill / skillet) but because of the thickness of the steak, there are certainly many other dishes that can be prepared with it. It can be slow cooked or marinated then barbecued. Perhaps a wagyu kebab is on the menu for dinner? But as this is A5, one may wish to take a more purist approach to eating this fine cut. Simply season the steak for a couple of hours then sear very quickly on each side until a fine brown crust forms. Remove from the grill or pan and let rest. Serve simply with white rice so as to not muddle the beautiful flavor of the meat.

Tri-ed and Top of its game

Wagyu is perhaps one of the most famous and sought after steaks around the world today. Whenever one thinks of wagyu, the first thing that comes to mind is that delicate marbling and intricate webbing of intramuscular fat. Perhaps it’s the way the meat literally melts in the mouth, once heat is applied to it. Whatever may come to mind, one cannot go wrong with a fresh piece of A5 wagyu. In fact, it should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Storage Instructions

Your cut comes frozen and vacuum packed. Store in freezer. Thaw only when about to cook. Cooked leftover meat can only be kept in the fridge for 3 to 4 more days. Consume immediately.

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