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Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum

Exceptional Venezuelan Rum

Rich, sweet and fruity. Diplo¬≠mati¬≠co Reser¬≠va Exclu¬≠si¬≠va is a pris¬≠tine prod¬≠uct of Venezuela and one of the most award¬≠ed rums, with more than 25+ awards to its name.

Tast­ing Notes from the Curator

Diplo¬≠mati¬≠co Reser¬≠va Exclu¬≠si¬≠va is an ele¬≠gant and com¬≠plex sip¬≠ping rum, care¬≠ful¬≠ly craft¬≠ed from the purest of sug¬≠ar cane hon¬≠ey. It boasts of a rich gold¬≠en amber col¬≠or. On the nose, it is com¬≠plex and full of char¬≠ac¬≠ter and boasts of maple syrup, orange peel, brown sug¬≠ar and liquorice. The taste is that of a sweet tof¬≠fee fudge with an ele¬≠gant finish. 


Best served neat or on the rocks but also works well with sophis¬≠ti¬≠cat¬≠ed cock¬≠tails such as Old Fash¬≠ioned which is com¬≠bined with sim¬≠ple syrup. Angos¬≠tu¬≠ra bit¬≠ters, orange zest and ice, gar¬≠nished with an orange zest twist. You may also try the Saz¬≠er¬≠ac Twist which is this ele¬≠gant rum com¬≠bined with Lap¬≠sang tea infused Cognac, sug¬≠ar syrup, Pey¬≠chaud bit¬≠ters and cof¬≠fee infused absinthe. 

Although prefer¬≠ably tak¬≠en as solo, Diplo¬≠mati¬≠co Reser¬≠va Exclu¬≠si¬≠va can also make a great part¬≠ner with rich choco¬≠late based desserts. 

Most Award¬≠ed Rum in the World

The his¬≠to¬≠ry of Diplom√°ti¬≠co began in Venezuela in 1959, with the estab¬≠lish¬≠ment of the dis¬≠tillery where all of its rums are pro¬≠duced. Today, the com¬≠pa¬≠ny is one of the largest rum pro¬≠duc¬≠ers in Venezuela. Diplom√°ti¬≠co is dis¬≠trib¬≠uted in over 80 coun¬≠tries. It holds the ‚Äč‚ÄúRon de Venezuela‚ÄĚ DOC (Pro¬≠tect¬≠ed Denom¬≠i¬≠na¬≠tion of Ori¬≠gin) and is rec¬≠og¬≠nized as one of the finest rums in the world.

Diplo¬≠mati¬≠co Reser¬≠va Exclu¬≠si¬≠va is known in the indus¬≠try and is the most award¬≠ed rum in the world. Since it‚Äôs birth in 2002 the Venezue¬≠lan spir¬≠it has scooped 25 top lev¬≠el awards peak¬≠ing in 2007 when it col¬≠lect¬≠ed 7 top Spir¬≠its acco¬≠lades. Among these awards: the Dou¬≠ble Gold Medal at the San Fran¬≠cis¬≠co World Spir¬≠its Com¬≠peti¬≠tor, the high¬≠est score of 92 at the Ulti¬≠mate Spir¬≠its Chal¬≠lenge, two 94-point scores from Tast¬≠ings Inter¬≠na¬≠tion¬≠al Review of Spirits. 

Storage Instructions

Store your bot¬≠tle upright in a cool, dark place, ide¬≠al¬≠ly between 12 and 15¬įC. Unopened bot¬≠tles can last for an indef¬≠i¬≠nite amount of time, but the clos¬≠er you get to the bot¬≠tom third of the bot¬≠tle, please con¬≠sume quick¬≠ly to pre¬≠vent oxi¬≠da¬≠tion and taste alteration.

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