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Alain Milliat Pineapple Juice

All-natural pineapple flavor


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Made with only the finest ingredients, and containing no preservatives or artificial flavors, this Pineapple Juice by Maison Alain Milliat is tart, sweet, and refreshing.


The Alain Milliat Pineapple Juice is made with the best pineapples, and contains all-natural juices. It has no preservatives or artificial flavors; what you taste is pure pineapple juice. It’s pulpy and rich, with vivid aromas. It’s fresh on the palate, with tart, sweet flavors.


Enjoy this Alain Milliat Pineapple Juice on its own, chilled or over ice. It’s great to pair with a heavy breakfast or brunch, or even with snacks for merienda. If you wish, you can also use it as a mixer for cocktails! It’s especially great in your Piña Colada; simply blend it with some rum, coconut cream/milk, and ice!


Alain Milliat comes from a family of farmers, with both his father and his grandfather in the trade in Orliénas, France. He took over the family business in 1983, restoring old plots and creating new ones. He did this with the utmost care to the environment and traditional craftsmanship.

But he didn’t want to limit himself with only his orchards. So in 1997, he created six juices and nectars, and he sent them to 60 random establishments. He picked these from the Relais & Châteaux guide, and it was a success. He still works with some of these gourmet restaurants to this day, and he has also caught the eye of many other hotels, restaurants, and stores. Maison Alain Milliat can currently be found in over 40 countries, and still continues to grow.

Storage Instructions

Keep refrigerated. Consume within 1 week.

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