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Japanese Beef F1 Wagyu Picanha

The best of both worlds


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Japanese Beef F1 Wagyu Picanha allows eaters to experience the beauty of wagyu while enjoying a fuller bite. It is very different from the A5 Wagyu, sought after around the world. Full of flavor and bite, it also shows a very intense marbling and tenderness that is most often associated with wagyu.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

F1 Wagyu Picanha is a great cut of meat. The grade F1 comes from the fact that the cow inquisition has been interbred with 50% wagyu and 50% black angus. The result is a beautifully tender, flavorful, creamy steak that is full of bite and is oh-so satisfying to chew. While not graded as high in quality as the revered A5, this steak is nonetheless a delicious protein that can be enjoyed by everyone. The picanha cut also adds onto these characteristics. This thick, top sirloin cut has an excellent fat cap and intense marbling throughout the meat.


Because of the tenderness of the F1 Wagyu Picanha, this meat is best served straight from a hot wood or coal fired grill. The flavor imparted from the smoke will complement the flavor intensity of the steak. As this cut is a tad more in-your-face compared to the more delicate A5 steaks, this cut will do well with a couple of sides. A nice coleslaw, and grilled peppers and vegetables will work really well with this steak.

It’s not all in the family

F1 is a particularly interesting cut of meat as it combines the best of different worlds. F1 cows are usually bred with 50% wagyu breed and 50% black angus. The results are spectacular. A wonderful combination of the best that wagyu meat has to offer, and the flavor and bite of other cow varieties from around the world. This is truly a match made in heaven.

Storage Instructions

Your cut comes frozen and vacuum packed. Store in freezer. Thaw only when about to cook. Cooked leftover meat can only be kept in the fridge for 3 to 4 more days. Consume immediately.

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