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Merry Moo Ice Cream – Earl Grey Tea

Quintessentially British

Fresh Lagu­na farm creami­ness cou­pled with this most Eng­lish of tea choic­es makes this one of Mer­ry Moo’s most lus­cious­ly deli­cious flavors.


Tea with cream is an Old-World tra­di­tion, but tea steeped in cream is an entire­ly mod­ern inno­va­tion. Berg­amot and cit­rus notes coast on this deli­cious black tea con­coc­tion, delight­ful­ly strong and bal­anced by the sweet cream. Mer­ry Moo has tak­en the heart of the tra­di­tion­al Eng­lish tea and turned it into a sophis­ti­cat­ed, fla­vor­ful treat to be enjoyed all year round in trop­i­cal climes.


A prop­er cup of Earl Grey tea comes in a del­i­cate porce­lain cup, with the loose leaves from the pot sift­ed out with a strain­er. When it comes to Mer­ry Moo’s arti­sanal Earl Grey ice cream, you can get a smidge more cre­ative. Eschew the usu­al waf­fle cone and have this fra­grant ice cream with a sug­ar cook­ie or on a bed of lus­cious, ripe rasp­ber­ries. If a lit­tle extra sweet­ness is in the cards for dessert, try a driz­zle of Muria Thou­sand Flow­ers Hon­ey for those flow­ery notes that will take you straight across the Eng­lish Chan­nel and into the Iber­ian Penninsula.


The Mer­ry Moo promise is that their arti­sanal ice cream will always come from healthy, pas­ture-graz­ing Hol­stein Friesian cows in Lagu­na. The milk is non-UHT treat­ed, which allows the nat­ur­al fla­vor of the cream to shine through. To make dou­bly sure their ice cream is of only the best qual­i­ty, Mer­ry Moo churns in small batch­es. Each scoop is the absolute best it can be — from the field to your fridge.

Storage Instructions

Store in freezer.

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