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Grassl Glassware Vigneron Series

Mouth-Blown Perfection

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Grassl Glass’s Vigneron Series of stemware celebrates traditional craftmanship that balances functional design and gorgeous aesthetics.


Functionality and usability are the core concepts behind Grassl Glass It takes 5 artisans, each with 20 years of experience, to produce one stemmed glass. The Vigneron Series was conceived with the input of renowned winemakers from around the world to create the ultimate drinking experience.

  • MineralitĂ© – A white and rosĂ© wine glass in the standard shape, but with a slightly wider round base to deliver more aroma from light-bodied wines. Best for acidic whites with vigor. Tuned for Champagne, Riesling and Sauternes. 200mm in height, 92mm diameter and 430ml in volume

  • LibertĂ© – The modern classic Sauvignon wine glass, best for fuller-bodied white and rosĂ© wines, to prevent too much oxidation. Can also be used for lighter reds wines. Tune for Oaked Chardonnay, White RhĂ´ne Blend and White BDX Blend. 230mm in height, 92mm in diameter and 460ml in volume

  • Cru – A red wine glass with a beautifully wide, curved bowl shape for maximum oxidation, perfect for the lighter-bodied reds. Best for Burgundy reds and Pinot Noir. Tuned for Pinot Noir, Barolo & Barbaresco and Brunello & Chianti. 230mm in height, 110mm diameter and 670ml in volume

  • 1855 – The perfect glass for a full-bodied red, its wide near-flat wide bottom allowing increased oxidation right before every sip. Best for wines like Bordeaux and Cabernet. Tuned for Red BDX Blend, Syrah and Rioja. 230mm in height, 110mm diameter and 760ml in volume.

Storage Instructions

Though these wine glasses come in individual wine tubes, you’ll want to keep them in a dedicated wine cabinet for both safety and to maximize storage space. Of course, they’re so beautiful, we don’t blame you for wanting to display them. These delicate glasses are best stored rim-side up to decrease pressure on it and keep moisture from dishwashing from getting trapped inside. Everyday glasses, on the other hand, can be kept rim-side down to keep dust from settling inside.

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