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Grassl Decanter Vigneron Series

Masterful Breathability

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Grassl Glass’s Vigneron Series wine decanter has the perfect wide bottom to separate wine from sediments and allow wine to gently aerate after the time it’s spent in the bottle.


Grassl Glass has only been in production since the last quarter of 2018, but it has gained the attention of winemaking greats such as actor-turned-winemaker Jean-Marc Roulot, and has received design input from such experts as Oliver Campadieu of Château Palmer and Pauline Vauthier of Château Ausone. The brand has slowly gained attention all over Europe.


Wines that require decanting are based more on age and structure than color, allowing them to show more expression on the palate and, in the case of reds, better integrate and smooth out tannins.

Mature wines should be poured into the decanter along the walls to allow gradual aeration. Be careful not to let the sediments out of the bottle. For younger wines, you’ll want to turn the bottle upside down and allow the wine to splash vigorously into the decanter, producing a thick, frothy head.

The older the wine, the less time it needs to stay open. An hour before serving will do. Younger wines should be decanted a few hours before consumption.

Storage Instructions

Always store your wine decanter in an enclosed cupboard to keep it from accumulating dust. Be sure to give it a quick rinse before use to remove the musty odors acquired in storage. For the cleanest taste, rinse your decanter with mineral water, not tap water.

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