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Grassl Decanter Vigneron Series

Masterful Breathability

Grassl Glass’s Vigneron Series wine decanter has the per­fect wide bot­tom to sep­a­rate wine from sed­i­ments and allow wine to gen­tly aer­ate after the time it’s spent in the bottle.


Grassl Glass has only been in pro­duc­tion since the last quar­ter of 2018, but it has gained the atten­tion of wine­mak­ing greats such as actor-turned-wine­mak­er Jean-Marc Roulot, and has received design input from such experts as Oliv­er Cam­padieu of Château Palmer and Pauline Vau­thi­er of Château Ausone. The brand has slow­ly gained atten­tion all over Europe.


Wines that require decant­i­ng are based more on age and struc­ture than col­or, allow­ing them to show more expres­sion on the palate and, in the case of reds, bet­ter inte­grate and smooth out tannins. 

Mature wines should be poured into the decanter along the walls to allow grad­ual aer­a­tion. Be care­ful not to let the sed­i­ments out of the bot­tle. For younger wines, you’ll want to turn the bot­tle upside down and allow the wine to splash vig­or­ous­ly into the decanter, pro­duc­ing a thick, frothy head. 

The old­er the wine, the less time it needs to stay open. An hour before serv­ing will do. Younger wines should be decant­ed a few hours before consumption.

Storage Instructions

Always store your wine decanter in an enclosed cup­board to keep it from accu­mu­lat­ing dust. Be sure to give it a quick rinse before use to remove the musty odors acquired in stor­age. For the clean­est taste, rinse your decanter with min­er­al water, not tap water.

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