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Yellow Peaches from Corsica


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The yellow peach is the summer fruit par excellence. It remains in France, alongside the white peach, the most consumed fruit during the summer period. Less sweet and less juicy than the white peach, the yellow peach is no less tasty. It holds up better to cooking than the white peach. Jams, pies, sorbets and jellies are all variations of this round and fleshy fruit with a fluffy skin.

Tasting notes from the Curator

Corsica is the assurance of an optimal sunshine with its undulating hillsides which give a unique taste to the fruits. This region offers a generous soil and a privileged climate due to its superb location between the sea and the mountains. Corsican peaches are famous for their sweet taste and extremely juicy texture. A good peach has a thin skin, free of bruises and brown spots. It is fairly firm but not hard and has a good aroma. You can feel it gently: it should be quite soft under your finger.

Pairings and use

Corsican peaches are beautiful to eat as is, ripe. They are also particularly suitable for cooking. They can be pan-fried with a little sugar or honey, poached in syrup or wine, roasted, garnished with charlotte, pie or clafoutis, grilled on a skewer, transformed into ice cream or sorbet but also into jam and jelly.

Storage Instructions

The yellow peach is a fragile fruit that must be eaten quickly when it is ripe. If it is not, it will ripen in two or three days at room temperature. To freeze peaches, it is recommended to pit them (keeping the pits would make the fruit bitter), before cutting them into quarters and sprinkling them with lemon juice.

Yellow peaches are richer in antioxidant and protective molecules (carotenes and flavonoids) than white peaches. Like the white peach, it contains carbohydrates, is rich in fiber and has a lot of minerals but few vitamins.

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