Thumbnail 1 - Melon Le Ruban Meffre from Cavaillon, France

Melon Le Ruban Meffre from Cavaillon, France

The famous sweet Melons from Cavaillon are finally arriving in Manila, by the famous Meffre company.


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The famous sweet Melons from Cavaillon are finally arriving in Manila, by the famous Meffre company.

Tasting notes from the Curator

The great experience of the J. Meffre establishments allows them to select the best terroirs to grow their melons. The region of Cavaillon, the cradle of French production, is privileged by the early mildness of its climate, which allows them to offer a quality melon from May to mid-July, a period when the high temperatures no longer make it possible to obtain a quality melon.

These melons are at the optimal sweetness and deep flavours, while having only 48kcal for 100 grams.


Full of water and very fragrant, it honors the cravings as well as the most special occasions. In slices, cubes or balls, we like it natural or in the spotlight, in more sophisticated compositions.
Without hesitation, put melon on the menu and use its flavors in sweet and sour combinations.

The simplest of uses will suit it perfectly: cut your melon in half. Get rid of the seeds and… that’s it! The melon can be served as a starter or as a dessert. It can be served plain or with a Port wine or a Beaumes de Venise sweet wine. It often requires nothing more!

Its best savory combinations are Parma ham, foie gras, crab, salmon and seafood. Its best sweet alliances are citrus fruits and red fruits. Melon is also delicious in jam with lemon juice. Melon can also be served as a refreshing soup. Simply blend its flesh in sweet wine. Spices are welcome: anise, vanilla, ginger and pepper.

The Ribbon

In the 1950s, the “blue ribbon” was awarded to the best transatlantic liner making the Le Havre-New York crossing. The ribbon thus crowned the excellence for the speed, the comfort and the luxury of the ship. This distinction was particularly appreciated by all the companies.

The J. Meffre fuchsia ribbon perpetuates the excellence of the melon, the speed between the moment it was picked and the moment it is tasted on the consumer’s table, and finally the luxury of precaution that the company takes to present it. This distinction is particularly appreciated by J. Meffre’s loyal customers.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool place.

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