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Thumbnail 1 - Anais Strawberries by Anne-Sophie’s Farm in France Thumbnail 2 - Anais Strawberries by Anne-Sophie’s Farm in France

Anais Strawberries by Anne-Sophie’s Farm in France

French-Farmed, Gourmet Strawberries for Discerning Palates


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Redefining the fruit experience, Anais Strawberries from Anne-Sophie’s Farm promise a celebration of taste and texture. These French-farmed strawberries are a gourmet treat, bursting with natural sweetness and vibrant flavor.

Tasting Notes of the Curator

Anais Strawberries by Anne-Sophie’s Farm are no ordinary strawberries. Their deep red color speaks of their ripeness and the intense fruity flavor they house. Taking a bite of these luscious berries, you are greeted with an explosion of sweetness that is perfectly balanced by a hint of tartness. The unique symphony of flavors is what sets these strawberries apart in their category.

Grown in the fertile soils of France, under the careful supervision of Anne-Sophie and her team, these fruits carry an artisanal quality that is hard to find elsewhere. Their juicy texture coupled with their robust taste creates an unparalleled gastronomic experience that will leave you yearning for more.

Pairings and Suggestions

  • Summer Salads: The sweet-tart taste of Anais Strawberries beautifully complements fresh greens.
  • Desserts: They make a delightful topping for cakes, tarts or simply dipped in chocolate.
  • Cocktails: Add them to your drinks for a fruity twist. Remember to wash them gently just before use as they are delicate.

A Berry Special Story from Anne-Sophie’s Farm

At Anne-Sophie’s farm in France, strawberry farming is not just about cultivation; it’s about passion and tradition passed down through generations. The farm takes pride in its eco-friendly farming practices that ensure each berry receives optimal care and grows to its full potential. Every Anais Strawberry carries the legacy of traditional French farming combined with modern agricultural techniques, making it much more than just a fruit – it’s an embodiment of Anne-Sophie’s devotion to quality produce.

Storage Instructions

Store these strawberries in your refrigerator but remember to take them out about an hour before serving to enjoy their natural aroma and flavor at room temperature.

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