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Capfruit Granny Smith Apple Frozen Fruit Puree

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Made with delicious green apples picked on the slopes of the RhĂ´ne Valley, the Capfruit Granny Smith Apple Frozen Fruit Puree is the perfect easy-to-use ingredient for your bakes.


This Capfruit Granny Smith Apple Frozen Fruit Puree is made with green Granny Smith apples grown not far from the Capfruit production plants, on the slopes of the Rhône Valley. They’re harvested at their most optimal time, in October, preserving their vibrant color and smooth, beautiful skin.

This puree is very aromatic, with a juicy, tangy flavor. it’s exceptionally fresh and refreshing, and it is unpasteurized, containing no added sugars. The only sweetness it has comes from the natural occurring sugars in the fruits themselves.


So fresh and refreshing in flavor, the Capfruit Granny Smith Apple Frozen Fruit Puree is perfect for sorbets and drinks, like cocktails and smoothies. It’s also great for baking—use it as filling for pastries and chocolates. It’s also great for cooking. Use it as an ingredient for glazes, marinades, and sauces.


Capfruit works under the motto, “From the land to your plate.” With excellence at the forefront of their mission, all fruits are carefully selected and verified for quality, and they work very closely with their fruit farmers. They use the latest and best technologies to not only optimize production, but to keep their purees as fresh and as all-natural as can be. They are very particular about quality control, and every part of the process is meticulously checked. All of their products are designed especially for both professional chefs and home cooks, and work with over 300 pastry chefs worldwide.

Storage Instructions

Store your fruit puree in the freezer. When ready to use, defrost in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours. Do not re-freeze; once defrosted, keep in the coldest part of your refrigerator (2 to 4C). Use within 15 days.

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