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Confiture Parisienne Strawberry, Olive Oil & Rosemary x Eiffel Tower

Parisian Delicacy Reimagined

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Confiture Parisienne's Eiffel Tower Strawberry Olive Oil Rosemary - an epicurean delight encapsulating the essence of French terroir and gastronomic innovation.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Within every luxurious spoonful of Confiture Parisienne’s strawberry, olive oil, and rosemary jam, one unravels layers upon layers of taste; from the luscious strawberries hailing from the Dordogne, ripened to perfection, to the silken threads of quality olive oil providing a smooth counterpoint. The addition of rosemary imparts an aromatic whisper, a genteel nod to the herbs gracing the gardens of Eiffel, marrying tradition and craftsmanship in each batch. It stands alone in its category, a testament to the Parisian pursuit of gastronomic excellence.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Breakfast Elegance: Indulge by layering atop a warm, buttery croissant or weaving through the delicate layers of a flaky pastry.
  • Culinary Craft: Enhance charcuterie plates with its nuanced profile, pairing notably with fine cheeses such as a creamy Brie or a sharp Roquefort for a symphony of taste.
  • Gourmet Cooking: Transform your glazes and marinades by integrating its sublime flavors into your culinary masterpieces.
  • Dessert Refinement: Elevate classic desserts, using the jam as a sophisticated filling for macarons or a luscious topping for artisanal ice creams.

    Ode to Eiffel’s Garden

Each jar of Confiture Parisienne’s Eiffel Tower Strawberry Olive Oil Rosemary is more than a sublime spread; it is a culinary homage to the iconic Eiffel Tower, capturing the artistry and atmosphere that encircle this Parisian landmark. Sauntering through Champ de Mars, one envisions the pastoral contributions to this jam, the Dordogne strawberries echoing the garden’s freshness, while whispers of rosemary conjure memories of leisurely picnics under the Paris sky.

Storage Instructions

Before opening, store in a cool, dry place. Once indulged in, refrigerate to preserve its ultimate expression of flavor and freshness.

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