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Confiture Parisienne Fraise Rhubarbe Jam

Strawberries meet Rhubarb


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Indulge in the sublime synthesis of sweet and tart with Confiture Parisienne's Fraise Rhubarbe Jam, an artisanal creation that captures the essences of handpicked strawberries and sharp rhubarb, nestled within a lustrous, spreadable embrace.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The potency of the Confiture Parisienne Strawberries meets Rhubarb Jam is in its duality; ripe Charlotte strawberries bring a symphony of sugared, musky notes, reminiscent of sun-drenched French fields, while the tartness of rhubarb cuts through with an earthy pungency. Lemon undercurrents weave through subtly, contributing zesty freshness, and the luxurious consistency of the jam, punctuated by the occasional tender fruit piece, rests perfectly atop crusty baguette or melts effortlessly into warm porridge. It is, in every respect, a representation of the meticulous art of French jam-making.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Toast & Croissants: Lavishly spread upon golden, buttery croissants or the crisp surface of toast, this jam awakens the senses in the early hours.
  • Pastries & Pies: A dollop within pastries or as a glaze for fruit tarts invokes a dance of flavors, enriching each bite.
  • Cheeses: In the company of creamy brie or pungent blue, it sings a complex harmony worthy of the finest fromageries.
  • Teas: Paired with a robust Earl Grey or delicate white tea, it brings forward a balance of flavor, enhancing the tea’s aroma.

    A Taste of History

In the realm of high cuisine, where every ingredient resonates history, Confiture Parisienne’s Fraise Rhubarbe Jam serves as more than a condiment; it is a tribute to the pastoral idylls of French terroir. Each spoonful is steeped in the lore of Carpentras strawberries and the culinary revolution sparked by the crusaders’ return, bringing with them the then-exotic treasure of crystalline sugar. Such juicy narratives are bound to enrich any gathering, inviting tales of travels and tastes.

Storage Instructions

Keep jar in a cool, dark place before opening. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 3 weeks for optimal freshness.