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Confiture Parisienne Nuits Saint George - Burgundy Jelly x Domaine of Chateau de Premeaux

Sophisticated Burgundy Essence


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Discover the exquisite Confiture Parisienne Nuits Saint George - a Burgundy Jelly x Domaine of Chateau de Premeaux, an artisanal delight embodying the Burgundy region's winemaking heritage and Parisian jam craftsmanship.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Confiture Parisienne Nuits Saint George - Burgundy Jelly x Domaine of Chateau de Premeaux is not simply a jam, but a repository of flavor, echoing the storied vineyards of Burgundy. Its scent preludes with inviting aromas of cherry and truffle, a whisper from the cellars of revered châteaux. On the palate, it unfolds in layers, the initial sweetness of ripe blackberries giving way to the tart embrace of red currants, grounded by the leathery decadence of wine aged in oak. Balanced by the molasses-like comfort of unrefined cane sugar and the bright, clean punctuation of lemon’s acidity, it lingers, a testament to the confluence of fruit and terroir. The luxurious mouthfeel - smooth yet tantalizing with authentic fruit particulates - befits the Parisian knack for crafting gastronomic finesse. Indeed, it transcends the category of preserves, offering a sensorial journey through the lush vineyards and the meticulous Parisian ateliers where culinary magic takes root.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Breakfast Indulgence: Ideal spread over fresh, warm croissants or artisanal sourdough toast.

  • Dessert Accents: Enhance a plain cheesecake or vanilla panna cotta.

  • Culinary Creations: Employ as a glaze for duck or pork, adding a rich Burgundy twist.

  • Cheese Companion: Complements a fine selection of aged cheeses, particularly Brie or aged ComtĂ©.

    From Vine to Jar: A Burgundian Tale

  • Viticultural Alchemy: Delve into the artistry that merges the depth of Burgundy wines with classic Parisian jam-making.

  • Terroir Tale: Savor the story of the limestone-rich soils of Nuits-Saint-Georges, imparting unique flavors into the wine used in this luxurious jelly.

  • Heritage of Elegance: Share the narrative of Confiture Parisienne’s passion for preserving Parisian jam traditions with a contemporary twist.

Storage Instructions

Prior to opening, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. After enjoying, refrigerate and consume within a few weeks for optimal quality.