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Confiture Parisienne Mara des Bois Strawberry, Marmande Tomato, & Basil Jam

Parisian Gastronomic Elegance

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Savor an exquisite union of French culinary artistry with Confiture Parisienne's Mara des Bois Strawberry, Marmande Tomato, & Basil jam—a gourmet creation that tantalizes the palate with every spoonful.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

In the realm of Confiture Parisienne, the Mara des Bois Strawberry, Marmande Tomato, & Basil jam is a masterpiece, a culmination of method and imagination. The Mara des Bois strawberries impart a sweet, enchanting perfume—nature’s own symphony—echoing the ambrosial essence of wild strawberries yet emboldened by the whisper of tangy sophistication. The Marmande tomato contributes an earthy robustness, a grounding flavor that serves as a canvas for the strawberries’ vibrancy. Subtle yet complex, the herbal notes of basil emerge delicately, introducing a fresh, peppery quality that intertwines gracefully with the fruit’s natural sweetness. Less is indeed more with the restrained use of unrefined cane sugar, bowing to the primary flavors and allowing them to converse without encumbrance. Moreover, the graciously spoonable texture—thanks to a certain alchemy achieved in the traditional copper cauldrons of Paris—harmonizes the integrity of fruit pieces and smooth spreadability, ensuring a luxuriant consistency that delivers pure, undiluted delight with each taste.

Pairings & Suggestions

Breakfast Indulgence:

  • Elegantly spread on a warm, buttery brioche or a flaky, golden croissant.
  • Luxuriously draped over a fresh, velvety panna cotta at a weekend brunch.

Savory Sophistication:

  • As a sumptuous condiment to elevate a charcuterie board, balancing the rich flavors of aged cheeses and cured meats.
  • Artfully combined with a delicate goat cheese tart, melding rustic charm and Parisian chic.

Sweet Harmony:

  • Swirled into a smooth, creamy yoghurt for a parfait that is both wholesome and decadent.

    A Parisian Culinary Narrative

In the heart of Paris, Confiture Parisienne embodies the spirit of French culinary finesse. Each jar tells a story—a narrative of dedication to preserving the classic art of confiture while embracing modern, bold flavors. The fusion in this jam, a tapestry woven from the quintessential Mara des Bois strawberry, the robust Marmande tomato, and aromatic basil, encapsulates a movement that honors tradition and dares to innovate. It’s more than a spread; it’s an emblem of Parisian taste, a token of gastronomic history, and a conversation starter that brings the elegance of the city of light to your table.

Storage Instructions

To preserve this jam’s unparalleled character, store in a cool, dark place before opening. Once you’ve begun to unfurl its layers of flavor, refrigerate and enjoy within 3 weeks for optimal freshness.