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The Heart of Flavor


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These choice cuts of Dom Petroff’s smokes salmon are sourced from all over the Northern Atlantic, cold-smoked to perfection in Paris, and ready to be enjoyed at your table.


Dom Petroff gets their fish whole from partner fisheries and fishing companies, then fillets, trims, and hand-salts their products before cold-smoking in traditional manually operated smokerooms. We provide three variants for your dining pleasure.

  • Plain – The center-cut fillets, beech-smoked, at their softest and creamy, without any additional flavoring.
  • Gravlax – The quintessential afternoon party style, beech-smoked, then cured with not only salt, but sugar and dill. This version comes in thin slices.
  • Wild-Caught form the Baltic Sea – Sourced from the leaner, paler wild-caught salmon, these cuts have a more powerful iodine taste complemented by beech-smoke.


Center-cut salmon fillets can be used the same way as cuts from other parts of the fish fillet. They are delicious as appetizers, the best way to enjoy this part of the smoked fish with few, if any, accompaniments. A lemon wedge and a bit of dill, some capers too, these go a long way toward an enjoyable meal. Try some with cubed melon slices, for a bit of extra sweetness. And don’t forget to take your fish out of the fridge about 15 to 20 minutes before serving, to enjoy them at their best!


Dom Petroff prides itself on traditional methods that have been tried and tested over the decades. They have come to be known as a leading brand for not only their caviar, but also their collection of high-end seafood products. Their salmon, sourced all over Northern Europe, is manually cold-smoked in Paris for distribution to the world.

Storage Instructions

Smoked fish can be kept in the fridge for 21 days before opening. It must be consumed within 48 hours afterward.

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