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Bordier Crème Fraîche

Elixir of Brittany's Dairy


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A sublime journey through the creamy landscapes of French culinary heritage, Bordier Crème Fraîche embodies the artisanal soul and the rich dairy traditions of Brittany.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

As the curator savors the Bordier Crème Fraîche, it’s not just the cream one tastes but the very history and climate of Brittany. Each spoonful carries the aroma of fresh, untouched fields and the scent of tradition. The profound creaminess reveals a finely tuned balance of tang and buttery undertones, hiding within it whispers of savories yet to be cooked. Beyond its rich consistency, there lies an adaptive integrity, an unyielding texture that honors its heritage by never curdling, even as it dances in a culinary ballet of heat and flavor. The crème fraîche is not merely a product—it is a storyteller, recounting tales of green landscapes grazed by cattle and nights aged in cool balm of the maritime breezes.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Savory Brilliance: Elevate your soups and sauces with a swirl of this opulent cream.

  • Baked Exquisites: Infuse tenderness into your quiches and pastries, achieving a melt-in-mouth succulence.

  • Dessert Artistry: Create harmonious contrasts atop fruits and sweets, each dollop a cloud of French elegance.

    At the Table: The Tale of Terroir

  • Legacy and Locality: Hailing from Brittany, with its lush pastures and maritime climate, Bordier carries the very essence of the land in its dairy and practices. The traditional skills passed down generations are not simply about butter-making; they are the preservation of a regional identity and gastronomical pride.

  • Bordier’s Renown: This crème fraîche isn’t unknown to the culinary elites; the whispers of its quality echo in the kitchens of Michelin-starred chefs and in the gastronomic tales told by food connoisseurs. Its regular appearance on tables where the conversation delves into the deep-sea voyages of the Vikings, the green countryside of Normandy, and the artisan’s hand, reflects more than just a dairy product—it symbolizes a storied tradition that has remained unshaken with time.

Storage Instructions

Preserve Bordier Crème Fraîche in your refrigerator, ideally between 2-5C, and relish the freshness of Brittany with every spoon.

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