Hennessy X.O

The first and finest cognac X.O

The original, Extra-Old Cognac, Hennessy X.O is the emblem and icon of Hennessy Maison. Made of over 100 eaux-de-vie from the Grande and Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois appellations in France, this treasured cognac is aged for up to 30 years in only the finest French Limousin oak barrels. A powerful and uniquely complex cognac, Hennessy X.O is as unforgettable as it is elegant.

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A refined and sophisticated cognac worthy of being the first Extra-Old Cognac, on the nose, the aroma of Hennessy X.O is that of rumcake, dried figs with hints of cardamom, cloves and cinnamon.

A sip begins the first wave created from the complexity of the eaux-de-vie aged in French Limousin oak barrels. This smooth, spicy cognac slowly builds to reveal notes of milk chocolate, plums, and cinnamon before cresting with a robust warmth that underlines a distinct peppery note with undertones of cocoa and spice.

The finish lingers long after the crest breaks, the taste ebbing into flavours of dark chocolate, vanilla and oak.


With a Cognac such as Hennessy X.O, we recommend drinking it neat or on 3 rocks.

It takes simplicity to appreciate the elegance and complexity of this cognac. Experience Hennessy X.O neat or add three ice cubes to further reveal the fruity, spicy aromas while making the experience smoother.

Enjoyed with Michael Cuizel Noir de Cacao 72%, the roundness of this intense dark chocolate pairs beautifully the notes of black pepper, dried fruits and chocolate of the Hennessy X.O.

The Original X.O Cognac

Celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year, the term Extra-Old or “X.O” (used as a cognac terminology to distinguish age) was coined from this very cognac created in 1870.

Hennessy X.O was initially created by Maurice Hennessy for close family and friends and continued to be the only cognac of its class for 80 years thereafter. The pride and joy of Hennessy Maison, Hennessy X.O is loved the world over.

A sophisticated, complex and truly historical cognac, destined to be enjoyed alongside a cigar.

Store your bottle upright in a cool, dark place, ideally between 12 and 15°C. There is no need to refrigerate cognac. To maintain the moistness of the cork and prevent it from chipping, occasionally tilt your bottle horizontally two to three times, then restore it to the upright position. Opened bottles of cognac should be consumed within six months, as the alcohol may oxidize and begin to lose its flavor.

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