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ChocolateX Chocolate Mousse

Decadence in a tin

6 servings
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PHP 999.00
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Truly indulgent, made with only the most superior chocolate, and the finest ingredients. Deliciously lush and chocolatey, it’s like nothing you’ve had before.


The ChocolateX Chocolate Mousse was created by Manila-based French chef, Xavier Btesh. It is the only original French chocolate mousse in Manila, and made with only the finest ingredients. Btesh uses French dark chocolate and organic eggs, and adds zero sugar. The result is a light, luscious mousse that is teeming with delicious chocolate flavor. In fact, our mousses come in three varieties.

  • The Original is the beloved classic. Nothing but the most decadent of mousses.
  • The second variant is Candied Orange. This one has all the things you love about the original, but with a zesty, slightly tangy twist.
  • And the third variant is Chili. It may seem strange, but it adds a subtle, but pleasant kick to the indulgent chocolate.


All varieties of ChocolateX Chocolate Mousse are best eaten as is, without any frills or additions. Scoop it straight from its tin as dessert, or as an indulgent snack. Pair with a cup of coffee, or a steaming mug of tea.


ChocolateX is the only original French chocolate mousse in Manila, and it was created by Manila-based French chef, Xavier Btesh. Born in Paris to a multi-cultural family (his mother is French-Italian, and his father is Syrian-Iraqi Jewish), and having traveled the world from an early age, Btesh had no shortage of exposure to different cultures and flavors. But it was hanging out in kitchens that really gave him the cooking bug. His mother’s family was in the restaurant business, and even from an early age, he knew he wanted to work with food.

His culinary career would find him cooking for celebrities, top businessmen, and even royalty. But in the 1990s, he fell in love with the Philippines, and it was a no-brainer “yes” when he was offered to work here in 2012. In Manila, he has worked as chef consultant for many restaurants, has done stints as guest chef, and even wrote a cookbook in 2017 entitled, “French Kusina.” ChocolateX is his new venture, one that seeks to introduce authentic French desserts to the Filipino palate.

Storage Instructions

Your chocolate mousse will arrive to you equipped with iced cooling packs. Immediately store your chocolate mousse at the back portion of the fridge, never the door, at 4°C or below. It will last for about a week. Once out of the fridge, consume it immediately.

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