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Albert Ménès Espelette Chips

Fragrant Heat, Crisp Delight


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Indulge in Albert Ménès Espelette Chips, where the culinary heritage of the Basque Country meets artisanal French craftsmanship in each exquisitely crispy bite.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Albert Ménès Espelette Chips serve as a sublime canvas, upon which the esteemed Piment d’Espelette, an emblematic chili of the French Basque region, artfully imparts its nuanced potpourri of flavors. The primary aromatic encounter introduces a subtle fruity undertone, a signature characteristic of the revered Capsicum annuum cultivar, which is reminiscent of sun-drenched, naturally cultivated fields in Espelette. Ensuing secondary smoky whispers celebrate the ancestral drying practices embraced under the benevolent Basque sun—a meticulous technique preserved through generations. An earthy tertiary aroma, an ode to the pepper’s organic gestation in the fecund terrains of the Pyrenean foothills, completes the olfactory tapestry.

Upon first taste, the discerning palate is greeted by a crescendo of mild and comforting spiciness, its warmth enveloping without overpowering. This is harmoniously juxtaposed with the secondary mild sweetness inherent to the Espelette pepper—culinary testament to its cultivation within the nurturing embrace of the region’s calm climate. A savory depth lingers, unfolding the natural salts that season these artisanal chips, enhancing their delightful complexity.

In texture, one finds an unequivocal crispiness—a hallmark of the chips cauldron cooking method, evoking traditional French kitchens where great attention is devoted to the finesse of culinary textures. Each chip, a fine petal peeled and sliced rigorously from select potatoes, dissolves exquisitely on the tongue, leaving a delicate lightness imparted by the choice sunflower oil, authentically kettle-cooked. A harmonious blend of these aromas, flavors, and textures consolidates in a gourmet snack that not only resonates with the Basque culinary heritage but exemplifies the art of fine snacking.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • For an aperitif that intrigues, pair with a crisp Chablis or a jovial sparkling Rosé to accentuate the chips’ light, fruity nuances.
  • Introduce as an unexpected crunch in a traditional Basque piperade, where the chips complement both the sweetness of the sautéed peppers and the savory depth of cured Bayonne ham.
  • On a cheese platter, the Espelette Chips add a spicy counterpoint to the creaminess of a traditional Ossau-Iraty or the rich complexity of a sheep’s milk tome.
  • Elevate a simple sandwich with these chips inside, introducing a crisp dimension alongside cured meats.
  • As a stand-alone snack, their artisanal flavor is bold yet balanced enough to shine unaccompanied.

    The Spicy Soul of Basque Country

In every rustic, kettle-cooked batch of Albert Ménès Espelette Chips, one tastes the distilled essence of the Pays Basque—a terroir resonant with story and tradition. The Espelette pepper, or Piment d’Espelette, is the heart of this region’s culinary identity, cherished for its sweet heat and fruity aroma. The annual Fête du Piment in Espelette town is a colorful homage to the harvest of these coveted chilies, strung like rubied garlands against whitewashed walls. Albert Ménès, with a devotion to preserving French gourmet traditions, masterfully blends modern culinary technique with centuries-old spice practices. A snack such as this opens a window into the Basque life—a narrative of hills and valleys, of communities bonded by a shared history, of a pepper that is the lifeblood of local tradition and an ambassador of the culture’s vibrant palate.

Storage Instructions

To best preserve the delicate crunch and aroma of these artisanal chips, store them in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. After opening, reseal the package tightly or transfer to an airtight container to maintain freshness.

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