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Vega Mancha Caña de Cabra 1kg

World-Awarded Spanish Goat Cheese

Orig­i­nat­ed from the region of Muri­cia, this cheese is creamy in tex­ture, has a bloomy rind and main­tains a cit­rusy, creamy and mild flavor. 

Notes from the Curator

This cheese is sim­i­lar to the French Bucheron. This creamy, but­tery, mild and deli­cious cheese has a bloomy rind with semi-soft tex­ture. Cana de Cabra is aged for 21 days, as it ages, the flavour inten­si­fies. It pairs well with white wine, almonds and fig spread.

From the Span­ish Cheese Specialists

Creamy core and great taste. Pro­duced with high qual­i­ty stan­dards by Vega Man­cha. This cheese won Gold medal­ist in the World Cheese Awards and is being dis­trib­uted in only 45 countries. 

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