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Mimolette 400g

A Royal Boule

Oth­er­wise known as the boule de Lille, the Mimo­lette has been pro­duced in Lille, France since the sev­en­teenth cen­tu­ry. This semi-hard cow’s milk cheese iden­ti­fi­able by a pock­marked rind and vibrant orange pâtĂ© can be con­sumed at dif­fer­ent stages of matu­ri­ty, any­where between two months to two years. 


Beneath its crag­gy exte­ri­or, the Mimo­lette has a fruity aro­ma. Its dense, smooth tex­ture makes it com­pa­ra­ble to the Dutch Edam, though it pos­sess­es an intense­ly nut­ty, sweet but­ter­scotch fla­vor all of its own. Its chewy tex­ture gives way to a fudgy, mouth-fill­ing finish. 

This cheese’s bright tan­ger­ine col­or comes from the incor­po­ra­tion of annat­to seeds into the cur­d­ing process. An impor­tant part its affi­nage is the use of micro­scop­ic cheese mites to cre­ate tiny holes cru­cial to the ripen­ing process. These mite colonies are strict­ly reg­u­lat­ed to ensure prop­er maturation. 


The Mimo­lette goes beau­ti­ful­ly in omelets and oth­er dish­es that require sharp Ched­dar-like cheeses. On a cheese board, it is best sam­pled with bare­ly salt­ed crack­ers and toast­ed wal­nuts. Its pow­er­ful fla­vor pairs with rus­tic, earthy red wines like Mal­bec, Caber­net Sauvi­gnon, or Carig­nan. We like it with our vel­vety Por­tuguese wine, Quin­ta da Bica Vin­has Vel­has (2015). For a match in inten­si­ty, for­ti­fied wines like Banyul or Sher­ry make per­fect part­ners for it too. This bold boule’s malty under­tones also make it a beer-lover’s choice — best with oak-aged ales or stouts.


Dur­ing the reign of Louis XIV, when France was at war with the Nether­lands, trade of the then-pop­u­lar Edam cheese was banned. The peo­ple of Lille decid­ed to make their own ver­sion from the same basic recipe — with a twist. Thus, the Mimo­lette, with its flat­tened top and bot­tom and dis­tinct pâtĂ© col­or, was born.

In its whole round form, this cheese is par­tic­u­lar­ly tough to crack open, requir­ing the same tech­nique as that used for the Parmi­giano Reg­giano. To add to its noto­ri­ety, the Mimo­lette was tem­porar­i­ly banned in the Unit­ed States in the ear­ly 2010s because of the mites and the dust from their holes.

Storage Instructions

Store in fridge once opened. 

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