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Brussels Beer Project Jungle Joy 6 pack

Tropical fun in a bottle

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This dubbel beer is flavored with mango and passionfruit, and is Brussels Beer Project’s modern take on a fruit beer. It’s refreshing, with interesting flavor profiles.


The Jungle Joy is a Belgian beer from the innovative Brussels Beer Project. It has no added sugars, and no artificial flavors.

Imagine a sunset party on a tropical beach. This is what Jungle Joy smells and tastes like. It shows off a deep gold-orange color, reminiscent of a sunset, with a foamy head. The aromas are fruity, with that classic biscuity malt, and notes of tropical fruit.

It tastes exactly as it says it will, with mango and passionfruit being very pronounced. But it’s still very much a beer, with its yeasty notes, and sweet-sour balance.


This fun tropical ale is great to pair with washed rind cheeses, like Epoisses, Livarot, Reblochon, and Gruyere. The sweet notes in the beer will complement sweet notes in food, so it’s great to enjoy with barbecued meats. Perhaps barbecued ribs with a pineapple glaze. Try it too with a roast or pan-seared duck with orange sauce.


When you think of Belgian beer, medieval logos and monks in abbeys are usually the first things that come to mind. Enter Brussels Beer Project, a collaborative effort aimed to dust off the bell towers, and hang up the robes of Belgian beer, and enter a fun, new era of brewing.

It began with Olivier and Sebastien in 2013, when they began their mission to steer beer toward a future that has community as its core. Beer brewing is an integral part of Belgian culture, and to evolve and grow it the way they do is to reflect Brussels as it is now—a vibrant and multicultural hotspot.

Firm in their belief in collaborative effort, their “All-Star” beers are the results of elections. Four prototypes are introduced, and are voted on by members of the community. The winner will take its place in their permanent repertoire.

And their beers are by no means boring. They keep pushing the boundaries every year, with curious flavors from all over; there is little they aren’t brave about trying. They’ve even pushed the envelope on sustainability, and succeeded in making a beer from unsold bread. They presently recycle nearly 10,000 kilos of bread every year, and their brewery in Anderlecht aims to use solar energy, and for the only source of heating to come from the water from their production.

Storage Instructions

Store beer bottles upright to prevent yeast rings from appearing. They must be kept in a cool, dark place at approximately 13°C. Don’t allow beer to be caught in bright light for long periods of time to prevent it from attaining a “skunky” taste.

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