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Urbani Tartufi Black Truffle Oil 250ml

Elevated Simplicity

Infused with Perig­ord black truf­fles (black win­ter truf­fles), this black truf­fle oil has one of the strongest aro­mas and fla­vors on the mar­ket. Urbani Tartu­fi uses only the finest of their har­vest for their products.


Har¬≠vest¬≠ed in the win¬≠ter¬≠time in Spain, Italy, south¬≠ern France, and Aus¬≠tralia, the rich, earthy notes of the Perig¬≠ord black truf¬≠fles lend them¬≠selves heav¬≠i¬≠ly to the fla¬≠vor of black truf¬≠fle oil. A fresh-opened bot¬≠tle releas¬≠es a min¬≠er¬≠al¬≠ly scent not dis¬≠sim¬≠i¬≠lar to a dry red wine. This oil‚Äôs earthy, mush¬≠room-like taste has com¬≠pli¬≠cat¬≠ed under¬≠tones: to some it may be nut¬≠ty and almost choco¬≠latey, to oth¬≠ers woodsy with a hint of tobac¬≠co. Its inten¬≠si¬≠ty varies, but is always clear¬≠ly present, in dif¬≠fer¬≠ent dishes.


More robust than its white coun¬≠ter¬≠part, black truf¬≠fle oil can be paired with heav¬≠ier, more com¬≠plex dish¬≠es. A few drops over pas¬≠ta dish¬≠es just before serv¬≠ing lends them a deca¬≠dent edge. It makes the per¬≠fect fin¬≠ish¬≠ing driz¬≠zle over hearty red meats or mush¬≠room dish¬≠es, as well. Mix it into a bal¬≠sam¬≠ic vinai¬≠grette to enhance the fla¬≠vor of sal¬≠ads or dab a lit¬≠tle over a sim¬≠ple but hearty steak frites. Add a lit¬≠tle to p√Ęt√©s like foie gras to enhance their rich¬≠ness. Top off your truf¬≠fle-infused meal with a glass of aged Bor¬≠deaux, Pomerol, or Caber¬≠net Franc. We also like Les Volets Pinot Noir, Pays de la Haute Val¬≠l√©e de l‚ÄôAude‚ÄĒrich, leesy, and savory. For white wine lovers, opt for some¬≠thing fra¬≠grant, like a Marsanne or Rous¬≠sane‚Ķ or head straight for a mature Champagne!


The Urbani fam¬≠i¬≠ly has been ded¬≠i¬≠cat¬≠ed to truf¬≠fles and their prod¬≠ucts since the mid-1850s, when Con¬≠stan¬≠ti¬≠no Urbani began import¬≠ing the fun¬≠gal del¬≠i¬≠ca¬≠cies to Car¬≠pen¬≠tras, France. His fam¬≠i¬≠ly even¬≠tu¬≠al¬≠ly pio¬≠neered truf¬≠fle cul¬≠ti¬≠va¬≠tion in Italy, hon¬≠ing the skills of their prized truf¬≠fle hunt¬≠ing ani¬≠mals. Their com¬≠pa¬≠ny has expand¬≠ed over the years, first across Europe, then into the Unit¬≠ed States. The Philip¬≠pines is their entry-point into a grow¬≠ing Asian market.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. 

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