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Mariage Frères Sencha Matcha Emeraude Sachets

Aromatic Elegance in a Cup

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Discover the refined harmony of Japanese Sencha and Matcha in the exquisite Mariage Frères Sencha Matcha Emeraude Sachets.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Mariage Frères Sencha Matcha Emeraude Bourses is an extraordinary symphony of flavors and textures, a harmonious blend that captures the very essence of Japanese tea tradition with a sophisticated French flair. Imagine yourself in a serene Japanese garden as the vegetal freshness of premium Sencha unfurls like delicate ferns in the early morning mist, invoking a sense of pure, steamed verdancy. As the tea steeps, the grounded savoiness of Matcha oscillates between the rich umami of a seaweed wrap and the bracing refresh of an oceanic zephyr. This is not just a cup of tea; it’s a stroll through green pastures and coastal lines, wrapped in a cocoon of floral accents that whisper tales of nature’s subtle complexities. As one sips, flavor dimensions emerge in waves, first a vegetal core reminiscent of crisp spring greens, then the profound umami presence that grounds the palate, and finally, a dance of sweetness and an eloquent bitterness that sings of the L-theanine contained within these leaves. But wait for those tertiary notes - an occasional nutty depth playing hide and seek, and the marine infusions that waltz in perfect rhythm with the umami and vegetal notes, resonating like a calm sea on the palate. The Sencha Matcha Emeraude Sachets have a texture that begs contemplation. The primary smoothness is akin to a silk scarf gliding across the skin - a texture that envelops the mouth with a full-bodied embrace only Matcha can confer. And yet, subtle astringency bespeaks of the legacies of tea, reminiscent of the characteristic, gentle dryness that true connoisseurs seek. A thickness unusual for Sencha alone, tells of the Matcha’s noble influence. This tea is an invitation to pause and reflect on the exquisite craft that brings forth such a luxurious infusion of lush emerald.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Savor this tea in its purest form to appreciate its intricate layers or pair it with pastries that echo its sweet subtleties.
  • Experiment by brewing it as a base for sophisticated culinary creations or innovative cocktails that yearn for a touch of verdant clarity.
  • Let it be the refined companion to a contemplative moment or the highlight of a distinguished tea service.

    The Heritage Elixir of Mariage Frères

The legendary French maison of Mariage Frères commands respect not just as a purveyor of fine teas but as a cultural institution. A narrative woven into the fabric of Parisian and indeed, global tea culture, Mariage Frères has stirred the hearts of connoisseurs since the 1854 Parisian inception. The inception of Sencha Matcha Emeraude Sachets celebrates the centuries-old art of tea with the brand’s signature French elegance. It’s a product that embodies both the serene sophistication of Japanese rites and the romantic indulgence of French gourmandise. Each sachet is a nod to the pursuit of excellence and authenticity, offering a sensory journey that transcends a mere beverage into a lyrical experience.

Storage Instructions

To ensure the integrity of this blend’s aromatic complexity, store it away from light, heat, and moisture. Keep the sachets sealed in their original packaging or an airtight container at room temperature, and open only when you’re ready to be enchanted by their fragrance.

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