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Queso de Valdeon IGP

Aged Elegance, Tangy Temptation


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Queso de Valdeon IGP is a vibrant Spanish blue cheese, offering a rich, intense experience with a blend of cow's and goat's milk. This cheese is renowned for its strong aroma and complex flavor.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Queso de Valdeon IGP, with its vibrant exterior, is a visual and gastronomic feast. The blue mould on its surface is picturesque, while the creaminess of the cheese tantalises your palate. A slight spiciness weaves its way through the nuts’ tangy accents, commanding your attention and making each bite memorable. This cheese is assertive without being overbearing, a balance achieved through meticulously aging it in natural caves. The alternating temperatures in these caves lend it a specific hue, texture and flavour that sets it apart from other cheeses. This careful process results in cheese that’s rich and boasts a complex aroma, with the flavours deepening the longer it is left to mature.


  • The robustness of Queso de Valdeon IGP seamlessly marries with the sweetness of honey. A drizzle can create a harmonious balance for your palate.
  • For those who enjoy a crisp counterpart, apples and pears serve as excellent companions to this cheese, enhancing its natural tanginess.
  • This cheese can also refine any salad or pasta dish, adding depth and a burst of flavour.
  • Transform your desserts by incorporating Queso de Valdeon IGP, an unexpected twist that will surprise and delight.

Heritage in Every Bite

Queso de Valdeon IGP hails from the picturesque Valdeon Valley of Leon, Spain. It has withstood the test of time, being a culinary delight since ancient times. Centuries of cheese making traditions fall in every bite. The Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) certification of this delicacy attests to its authenticity. It stands as a testament of tradition, ensuring every chunk is made following the traditional methods unique to the region. Quesos de Europa showcases this glorious representation of European cheese-craft to the world. By featuring cheeses like Queso de Valdeon IGP, it unravels the bounty of European expertise and quality, fitting for every cheese connoisseur.

Storage Instructions

Refrigerate Queso de Valdeon IGP, wrapping it in wax paper or aluminum foil for optimal storage. Consume within a few weeks of purchase to relish the best of its flavour. Prior to serving, allow it to attain room temperature to fully unlock its taste nuances.

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