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Momofuku Extra Spicy Chili Crunch

An extra kick


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For people who really love spicy foods, the Momofuku Extra Spicy Chili Crunch is your best bet. It has four different chilies, with crispy dried garlic and shallots. The result is a versatile condiment with a great balance of heat and crunch.
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Like the original Chili Crunch, this Momofuku Extra Spicy Chili Crunch is a result of careful research and development by the Momofuku Culinary Lab and David Chang. Inspired by Chinese chili crisp and Mexican salsas, it contains Pulla, Chili de Arbol, and Japones chilies. This Extra Spicy version benefits from the addition of habanero peppers, which gives it a subtle floral flavor that tempers all that heat. It also has sesame seeds, and crispy dried garlic and shallots, which adds a great crunchy texture.


Filled with rich umami flavor, the Momofuku Extra Spicy Chili Crunch is great on so many things! Use it on your eggs in the morning, in rice porridge, or in noodles. It’s great to use in dips, too, as well as drizzled on Ricotta cheese. Put it in your sandwiches, like grilled cheese or hamburgers, or drizzle it over grilled chicken.


A culinary brand that has risen to icon status, Momofuku began when David Chang opened Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York City in 2004. The New York Times credits it with “the rise of contemporary Asian-American cuisine,” and it was the beginning of a line of popular restaurants, including the bakery, Momofuku Milk Bar.

The name means “lucky peach,” in Japanese, and Chang picked it as a homage to Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant ramen, on which he basically subsisted throughout late nights in his university dorm. He has been named by Esquire as one of “the most influential people of the 21st century,” with his innovative takes on food, and his full support of local, responsible, and sustainable farmers and businesses.

The Momofuku brand now has restaurants in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Toronto, and Sydney. It also has a bar, a quarterly magazine named “Lucky Peach,” and its infamous bakery. More than that, they also sell restaurant-grade seasonings and sauces for home cooks.

Storage Instructions

Keep your chili oil in an airtight container. Store in a cool and dry place, like the pantry or a cupboard; it will last 2-3 months. Refrigerate after opening, and consume within 6 months.

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