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Plantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple Rum 700ml

A Caribbean Bartender’s Paradise

Inspired by tra­di­tion­al Caribbean recipes dat­ing as far back as the 18th cen­tu­ry, this award-win­ning pineap­ple rum from Plan­ta­tion is an ode to the char­ac­ter cre­at­ed by Charles Dick­ens in the Pick­wick Papers, Rev­erend Stig­gins, whose favorite drink was pineap­ple rum.


Plan­ta­tion Stig­gins’ Fan­cy Pineap­ple Rum is a tip­ple mac­er­at­ed and dis­tilled with pineap­ples, a mar­riage of pineap­ple dis­til­late and fruit infu­sion cre­ates its incred­i­bly unique fruity flavour. 

Unlike a pineap­ple-flavoured rum that is sac­cha­rine­ly sweet, this spir­it retains the heat and smoky pro­file typ­i­cal of a dark rum but with a dis­tinc­tive flavour of pineap­ples and notes of cloves, cin­na­mon and cit­rus peel.

To start, barks of Queen Vic­to­ri­an pineap­ple rinds are infused in Plantation’s 3 Star White rum before being fur­ther dis­tilled in Fer­rand Cop­per Pot Stills. Sep­a­rate­ly, pineap­ples are infused in Plantation’s Orig­i­nal Dark Rum for 12 weeks in cognac-soaked bar­rels before these two spir­its are mar­ried and rest­ed for 3 more months. The end result is a charm­ing and refined rum with deli­cious under­tones of flam­beed pineap­ples and cloves. 


While great sipped neat or on the rocks, Plan­ta­tion Stig­gins’ Fan­cy Pineap­ple rum finds its call­ing in the mes­mer­iz­ing world of cock­tails. The sweet, slight­ly tart flavours of this spir­it pro­vides a bright con­trast to the zesty lime of a daiquiri. If you like your cock­tails sim­pler, pre­pare an Old Fash­ioned with this Stig­gins’ for a delight­ful twist on your clas­sic cocktail.


Best described as a pineap­ple-influ­enced rum rather than a pineap­ple flavoured rum, this award win­ning spir­it is col­lab­o­ra­tion between Plantation’s Alexan­dre Gabriel and cock­tail his­to­ri­an David Won­drich, this spir­it traces its roots to 18th cen­tu­ry Caribbean rum dis­tillers, where they would soak fresh pineap­ples in rum bar­rels to add sweet­ness to the spirit.

Fast for­ward to today, this spir­it has become a favorite of bar­tenders across the world. Loved for its sub­tle, fruity fla­vor with­out the arti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers found in most flavoured rums, Plan­ta­tion Stig­gins’ Fan­cy Pineap­ple Rum is a bar­tender favorite when it comes to prepar­ing not just daiquiris and Tiki drinks, but any trop­i­cal, fruit-for­ward cocktails.

A great addi­tion to any home bar, spruce up your next cock­tail with this Caribbean Spir­it from Plan­ta­tion Distillery.

Storage Instructions

Store your bot­tle upright in a cool, dark place, ide­al­ly between 12 and 15°C. Unopened bot­tles can last for an indef­i­nite amount of time, but the clos­er you get to the bot­tom third of the bot­tle, please con­sume quick­ly to pre­vent oxi­da­tion and taste alteration.

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