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Kikufuku Matcha Cream Daifuku

Bursting with classic Japanese flavors


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A specialty of Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture, this Kikufuku Matcha Cream Daifuku is soft and tender, with a sweet filling. It’s bursting with classic Japanese flavors, and is great as a snack.


The kikufuku is basically a cream daifuku. A daifuku is a type of wagashi (a Japanese confection) made with small round mochi (glutinous rice cake) and has a sweet filling, traditionally of anko (sweet red bean paste). A kikufuku is much the same as a regular daifuku, except its filling has both red bean paste, and cream. This one, in particular, has anko and matcha whipped cream.

It’s a great snack, with a balanced flavor and a complementing texture. The soft mochi balances wonderfully with the tender red bean paste and the fluffy matcha cream. It has an elegant sweetness, one that satisfies cravings but is not too sweet, and it gives a refreshing note from the matcha cream.


Both kikufuku and daifuku are traditionally enjoyed with tea, and this is still the best way to have it. Try it with Pyur PH’s Genmaicha Tea, or their Jasmine Green Tea. You can also enjoy them with some iced fruit teas for a more refreshing turn.


The Kikufuku is Sendai specialty, finding its origins in a tea shop called Ocha no Igeta. This teahouse has been in business since 1920, and is a long-standing and long-established shop in the area. For decades, Ocha no Igeta has been making high quality teas, with very strict standards. In 1971, it was the first among its competitors to install refrigerators, ensuring the freshness of the tea leaves. This allowed them to sell the season’s first picked tea year-round.

Aside from their superior teas, they’re also known for their sweets, particularly their kikufuku. A popular confection, it’s made with Miyakogane sticky rice, Miyagi’s own product. People—locals and tourists alike, flock here to buy souvenirs, teas, and to sample their incredible sweets.

Storage Instructions

Your Kikufuku arrives frozen, and lasts for about a month in the freezer. Thaw before enjoying, and refrigerate after. Once thawed, consume within 2 days.

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