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Viña Amézola, Crianza, Bodegas Amézola de la Mora, Rioja, Spain

Sophisticated Sip For Wine Connoisseurs

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Introducing Viña Amézola, Crianza, our exquisite red wine produced by the renowned Bodegas Amézola de la Mora in the heart of Rioja, Spain. This wine's rich, smooth flavor profile is carefully crafted to showcase the distinctive characteristics of its region.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

With its masterful blend of old-school winemaking and modern nuances, Viña Amézola, Crianza is an exploration of sensory finesse. The wine opens with tantalizing aromas of cherries and blackberries, subtly accented by a whisper of vanilla and intriguing hints of spice. Take a sip, and be transported to the Rioja landscapes, absorbed in bursts of passionate blackberry, spirited cherry, and a riveting dance of sweetness and acidity, intermingling with the softer hints of oak that loom at the fringes. The velvety texture delicately caresses the palate, a testament to the meticulous aging process in oak barrels for a year, a tradition steadfastly upheld at Bodegas Amézola de la Mora. This delightful blend of flavors, the enigmatic aroma, and the seductive texture meld to create an experience that is distinctive, making Viña Amézola, Crianza an unforgettable epitome of Rioja red wines.

Pairings & Suggestions

The vibrant symphony of flavors in Viña Amézola, Crianza pairs exquisitely with various dishes. Consider complementing this wine with?

  • Robust meats: The wine’s balmy fruit notes and oaky undertones harmonize with the richness of grilled Ribeye Steak or succulent Lamb Chops.
  • Cheeses: The wine’s sophisticated complexity balances well against the sharp flavors of an aged Manchego or a slice of Parmigiano-Reggiano.
  • Traditional Spanish Cuisine: Add an authentic touch by pairing it with traditional delicacies like Spanish paella, tapas like tortilla or patatas bravas, intensifying the gastronomic pleasure.

    The Legacy of Bodegas Amézola de la Mora

The story of Viña Amézola, Criança, begins in the mid-19th century with the Amézola de la Mora family, devoted wine enthusiasts who crafted the brand to produce wines that epitomize the Rioja’s exceptional terroir. Despite devastating setbacks from the infamous phylloxera infestation, the family, spearheaded by Iñigo Amézola de la Mora, resurrected their vineyards in the 1980s, renovating their facilities and tributing their efforts to present the world with premium wines like Viña Amézola, Criança. Currently run by his daughters, María and Cristina, Bodegas Amézola de la Mora has grown from its historic roots, seizing modern techniques without diluting their commitment to age-old winemaking traditions, ensuring their wines’ distinct character is tightly interwoven with the legacy of their land.

Taste Profile


Technical Sheet

Alcohol Content14%
PairingsBeef, Lamb, Veal, Poultry
VarietalsTempranillo, Mazuelo
Natural WineNo
StyleSpanish Rioja Red

Storage Instructions

To maintain the richness of Viña Amézola, Crianza, store it in a cool, dark place at around 55°F or 13°C. Be mindful to keep the wine away from direct sunlight and other bright light sources. Maintain a relatively humid environment to prevent the cork from drying while ensuring the storage area is free from strong odors. Store the bottle horizontally to keep the cork moist, avoiding any potential drying out and oxidation, and try to minimize excessive vibrations. Consistency is key in preserving the quality and aging potential of this elegant wine.

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