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Villard Tanagra Syrah

Chilean Elegance in a Bottle

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Villard Tanagra Syrah is a captivating symphony of flavors from Chile's Casablanca Valley. This cultivated red wine is an embodiment of elegance and refinement, making a strong statement in the world of high-end wines.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Villard Tanagra Syrah greets you with intense aromas of cassis, red currants, and a delightful touch of strawberry jam and vanilla. Your first sip introduces you to flavors akin to a well-orchestrated ensemble - chocolate, the familiar friendliness of vanilla, the boldness of black cherry, and intriguing savory meat characters. This wine’s gentlemanly conduct is apparent in its smooth texture that makes every sip an elegant affair. The spotlight, however, is on its fine, silky finish that proves this wine’s undeniable sophistication. Unforgettable in its category, Villard Tanagra Syrah offers a tasting experience resonating with rich complexity and balanced smoothness, a testament to Villard Fine Wine’s dedication to presenting the best of Casablanca Valley’s bountiful terroir.

Pairings & Suggestions

Grilled Meats bring out the robust flavors of Tanagra Syrah. The smoky texture of ribs, for example, complements its bold character beautifully.

The wine’s meaty characters bounce off heartily when paired with Roasted Lamb. The refined elegance of the Syrah smoothly meshes with the robust nature of the lamb, creating a match made in gastronomical heaven.

A hearty Beef Stew also aligns effortlessly with this wine. The savory notes in the stew get uplifted by the wine’s bold, fruity flavors.

Tanagra Syrah’s fine pedigree also shines in the company of Strong Cheeses. The wine’s balanced flavors do a waltz with the tangy firmness of a blue cheese or an aged cheddar, creating a delightful interplay of senses.

The Enthralling Tale of Villard Fine Wines

Occupying the display cases of the world’s best wine cellars, you will find Villard Fine Wines, the brainchild of Thierry Villard. Thierry laid the foundation in 1989 with a vision to celebrate and share the richness of Casablanca Valley’s exceptional terroir. Backed by the Villard family’s rich winemaking legacy, the brand has etched its mark in the wine world.

Their adherence to traditional winemaking techniques, coupled with a passion for innovation, has allowed them to carve a niche within the Casablanca Valley’s elite wine producers. Each wine in their collection is a testament to their commitment to sustainability, quality, and the land’s rich heritage.

Among their repertoire, the Villard Tanagra Syrah holds a special place, being a red carpet for the taste buds, walking you through the brand’s unparalleled dedication to winemaking excellence. Talk about an interesting dinner conversation – opening a bottle of Villard Tanagra Syrah is akin to unveiling a piece of Chile’s finest winemaking artistry.

Taste Profile


Technical Sheet

Alcohol Content14.5%
PairingsBeef, Lamb, Game, Poultry
Natural WineNo
StyleChilean Syrah

Storage Instructions

Store the Villard Tanagra Syrah in a cool and dark place, with a temperature of around 12°C to 16°C. Ensure the storage environment has 50% to 70% humidity. Keep it steady, avoiding frequent movement or vibrations. If a natural cork encloses the wine, make sure it is stored horizontally. Lastly, keep the bottle away from strong odors and in an area with good air circulation.

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