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Villard Grand Vin Pinot Noir

Elegant Wine, Luxurious Experience

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Villard Grand Vin Pinot Noir, a premium red wine from Villard Fine Wines, offers a captivating experience of Chile's prominent Casablanca Valley. Marrying tradition and creativity, this engaging Pinot Noir is an embodiment of the Valley's unique climatic conditions, promising a harmonious blend of aromas, flavors, and texture.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Villard Grand Vin Pinot Noir strikes the gentle balance between elegance and complexity. As you delicately swirl the glass, a captivating bouquet of red fruits embraces your senses with dominant notes of cherries and raspberries, further intrigued by subtle undertones of earthiness and spices. As your palatal journey commences, ripe strawberries mingle with dark fruit flavors of blackberries, complemented by a soft whisper of vanilla, an ode to the subtle oak influence. A meticulous immersion in aging barrels has delicately softened the wine, lending it a luxurious texture. Tannins, gentle yet well-integrated, provide a light grip on the palate, making every sip an ethereal pleasure. Crafted with a keenly measured hand in Valencia’s winemaking, Villard Grand Vin Pinot Noir is an intricate dancers’ couplet, where each graceful movement unveils the next, engaging the audience in a riveting spectacle of taste.

Pairings & Suggestions

Roasted Duck: The robust flavor of roasted duck and the fruitiness of cherry reduction sauce come to life when paired with Villard Grand Vin Pinot Noir. The wine’s red fruit flavors resonate with the cherries, offering a taste dynamic that is pure bliss.

Grilled Salmon: The delicacy of grilled salmon finds a mirror in the wine’s sophisticated complexity, with its ripe strawberry and blackberry notes accentuating the salmon’s rich flavor. A perfect duo for a relaxed afternoon on the patio.

Creamy Mushroom Risotto: It’s an earthy symphony when the rich creaminess of mushroom risotto meets Villard Grand Vin Pinot Noir. The wine’s smooth, velvety texture nestles the creamy risotto, while the ripe fruit flavors bring a zesty character to the dish.

A Pioneer’s Melody - The Villard Story

Vintage 1989 bore witness to dream-weaver Thierry Villard crafting Chile’s first family premium boutique wine company, Villard Fine Wines. Celebrated as pioneers in the Casablanca Valley, Villard Fine Wines are romanticists who transformed the essence of a region into the spirit of a bottle. The brand built its renown by crossing traditional boundaries, introducing new world techniques to a seasoned traveler’s palate. The commitment to the environment is visible in every vine, every bottle, and every sip as the brand intertwines sustainability with the love for the terroir. This narrative of love, passion, and innovation ensures that every glass of Villard Grand Vin Pinot Noir becomes a conversation starter, setting the stage for an evening of enriching delight.

Taste Profile


Technical Sheet

Alcohol Content14.5%
PairingsBeef, Veal, Game, Poultry
VarietalsPinot Noir
Natural WineNo
StyleChilean Pinot Noir

Storage Instructions

Store Villard Grand Vin Pinot Noir at a steady temperature of 55°F (13°C), away from direct sunlight or any strong artificial light. The wine thrives in moderate humidity and needs to rest horizontally for maintaining the moistness of the cork. Eliminate the chances of any strong odors or vibrations invading its peaceful abode. After savoring the wine, if any residue remains, seal the bottle tightly with its original cork or a wine stopper.

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