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Carrot Cake from Baked by G

Moist, delicious, and tasty

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Carrot cake is a classic, but it’s surprisingly difficult to find one that you really, truly love. This one by Baked by G will definitely tick all of your boxes, and you will want it again and again.


Soft, moist (but not oily), and so delicious, this masterpiece is packed with carrots, walnuts, and raisins. It definitely doesn’t scrimp on ingredients, and your taste buds will celebrate. It has a beautiful balance of flavors; not too sweet at all.

It’s covered in a thick and rich cream cheese frosting that the baker has been using for 15 years. It’s a tried and tested recipe, and it’s definitely delicious. It has a salty-sweet flavor that works perfectly with the cake.


Carrot Cake from Baked by G comes in two forms: loaves and cupcakes. Both options are decorated so beautifully, so they’re perfect for gifts for friends, or for yourself.

Have a slice (or two, or three) with a cup of coffee or tea, both of which we have a wide selection for.


Born out of a desire to serve friends and family freshly baked, but not overly sweet, desserts, Baked by G is all made by hand, and made with love. Moist and delectable, her creations are done in small batches, with pristine attention to quality and detail. They are best enjoyed in the company of those you hold dear, spreading the love from her kitchen to your table.

Storage Instructions

Store your Carrot Cake from Baked by G in the refrigerator. Consume within 1 week.

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