Thumbnail 1 - Portobello Road (Earl Grey Cake) by Casa Saporzi
Thumbnail 2 - Portobello Road (Earl Grey Cake) by Casa Saporzi
Thumbnail 3 - Portobello Road (Earl Grey Cake) by Casa Saporzi
Thumbnail 4 - Portobello Road (Earl Grey Cake) by Casa Saporzi

Portobello Road (Earl Grey Cake) by Casa Saporzi

The essence of English tea time


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With flavors that exude slow relaxing tea times in small London cafés, the Portobello has a beautifully prominent profile.


Inspired by Portobello Road Market in London, the Portobello Olive Oil Cake is made with top quality extra virgin olive oil and loose-leaf Earl Grey tea from Pyur PH. While young, this cake has a subtle but distinct tea flavor, with the sweet, bitter, floral notes characteristic of Earl Grey tea being prominent. Over time, that flavor blooms, creating a taste so unique and addicting, you won’t realize you’ve eaten the whole thing already.

This cake has a beautiful balance in terms of soak, where it is not greasy, but just brilliantly moist. And the olive oil, despite it having such a distinct flavor, is wonderfully subtle.


The Portobello is not overly sweet, making it the perfect dessert to an elaborate and special dinner, where rich food is served. Pair it with a Merlot, and you have yourself the best meal-ender.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for a nice dinner with all your friends to enjoy this loaf. Have it for merienda, with a nice cup of tea. Perhaps Earl Grey, to bring out its flavor even more? It’s absolutely perfect for when you’re wanting something sweet but not cloying. This’ll definitely hit the spot.

A Love Project that started at Home

Casa Saporzi is founded by The Bow Tie Duck’s Co-founder and Chief Operations officer, Raizza Encinas. She started Casa Saporzi as a baking project to allow her to have days (outside of Bow Tie Duck work) to be in her favorite place, the kitchen. The one true place that she feels grounded and that allows her to unwind.

Her love for the kitchen is inspired by her late grandmother Columbina, the homemaker of a family of seven kids. Her grandmother was so engrossed in the kitchen during her days that she started amassing a collection of her own recipes, typewritten (with a typewriter!) in little index cards. These recipes, both for scrumptious, homey dishes and loved baked desserts, have been been passed down within the Encinas family and has inspired a number of members, including Raizza, to continue the tradition of home cooking and home baking.

Casa Saporzi’s name comes from the word “sapor,” which pertains to the substance in food that produces taste and flavor. It is also an amalgamation of the names of the owner’s cats. This dual meaning perfectly reflects what Casa Saporzi stands for: quality food made with all the love of a home kitchen.

Casa Saporzi offers a range of home baked treats such as olive oil cakes and cookies and will soon offer a variety of original creations.

Storage Instructions

Keep olive oil cakes in an airtight container, either at room temperature or in the refrigerator. It will last for about 7 days at room temperature, and around 16 days in the refrigerator.

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