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Fresh Morels (Morilles - Morchella)

Mythical, Rare and Flavorful Delicacy


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Discover the exceptional taste of Fresh Morels, a rare and mythical mushroom belonging to the Morchella family. Harvested in spring, these mushrooms are a true culinary delight, perfect for elevating any dish.

Tasting Notes of the Curator

  • Appearance: Fresh Morels are highly prized for their distinctive, honeycomb-like, cone-shaped cap and thick, swollen stem. Both the cap and stem are hollow, adding to their unique texture.
  • Flavor Profile: These mushrooms offer a rich, earthy, and nutty flavor that intensifies when cooked. Their taste is a beautiful combination of umami and natural sweetness, making them highly sought after in culinary circles.
  • Uniqueness: Morels are a rare find, typically harvested from sandy soils in temperate regions. The availability of fresh Morels varies depending on the location but can be found at select markets from March to late May.

Pairings and Suggestions

Fresh Morels can be used in a wide variety of dishes, including:

  • Meat and Fish: Paired with meats or fish, Morels add a luxurious touch to any dish.
  • Cream Sauces: Morels cooked in creamy sauces elevate pasta and risotto dishes.
  • Soups and VeloutĂ©s: Morels are a perfect addition to veloutĂ© and soup recipes.

Table Story: Morels in History and Folklore

Morels have a rich history and have been revered for their unique taste and rarity throughout the centuries. In ancient Roman times, Morels were highly regarded and reserved for the tables of emperors and nobility. The famous Roman philosopher and naturalist, Pliny the Elder, even mentioned Morels in his famous work, “Natural History,” as a prized ingredient in Roman cuisine.

In medieval Europe, Morels were believed to possess magical properties and were featured in various folklore tales. Some believed that Morels could ward off evil spirits, while others associated them with fairy rings, where it was thought that fairies danced during the night.

In the 19th century, renowned French chef Auguste Escoffier popularized Morels by incorporating them into many of his famous dishes. This led to a surge in demand for Morels in European high society, further solidifying their status as a luxury ingredient.

As you enjoy your meal featuring Morels, let the rich history and folklore surrounding these rare and delicious mushrooms transport you to a different time and place.

Storage Instructions

Fresh Morels should be stored in the refrigerator, spaced out on a tray without touching, and covered with a dry cloth. Keep them away from strong odors to preserve their delicate flavor.

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