Mitchell's Backyard Brewery Hoptoberfest
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Mitchell's Backyard Brewery Hoptoberfest 6pc Pack

Festive All Year Round

Mitchell’s Back­yard Brew­ery does Okto­ber­fest all year round with their take on the bur­nished gold Bavar­i­an MĂ€rzenbier.


In this deeply gold­en — almost cop­pery — hop-filled lager­bier, Munich malt is at the fore­front with a bal­ance of clean, pep­pery bit­ter­ness and caramel, plus an aro­ma rem­i­nis­cent of warm bis­cuits and toast­ed bread. A lit­tle on the lighter side of what is now con­sid­ered Okto­ber­fest brew, it lives up to the ori­gins of this beer as an ear­ly spring drink rather than a deep fall one.


A cheese beer, the MĂ€rzen­bier is, with its malty bread-like taste and pep­pery hops. It slices straight through rich fla­vors like Gou­da and cheeses from the Alpine regions like GruyĂšre, Fonti­na, and ComtĂ©. That same pep­per­i­ness makes it great with sausages and toma­to-based piz­zas, or even a smoky pork chop. Mex­i­can food, which goes well with Vien­na Lager, finds a friend with this Hop­to­ber­fest too. Just try it with car­ni­tas and see for yourself.

This beer is best con­sumed in a stein to expe­ri­ence its full fla­vor and pre­vent warm­ing, but a bech­er glass makes a fine replace­ment to show­case both clar­i­ty and col­or while con­cen­trat­ing aromas.


This hop­py, malty beer was invent­ed around 1840 as an adap­ta­tion of the then-pop­u­lar Vien­na Lager. It was named the MĂ€rzen­bier — from the Ger­man word for March — since this was when it was gen­er­al­ly (legal­ly) brewed. Stored in cold caves, it was con­sumed through the sum­mer. What was left was drank in the fall to cel­e­brate the har­vest and the start of new brew­ing sea­son. But how did this tra­di­tion­al beer end up Mex­i­can-per­fect too? Back in the 19th cen­tu­ry, Ger­mans and Aus­tri­ans from the Aus­tro-Hun­gar­i­an Empire moved there and brought their beers with them!

Storage Instructions

Store beer bot­tles upright to pre­vent yeast rings from appear­ing. They must be kept in a cool, dark place at approx­i­mate­ly 13°C. Don’t allow beer to be caught in bright light for long peri­ods of time to pre­vent it from attain­ing a ​“skunky” taste.

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