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Confiture Parisienne Pink Millesime - Champagne Rosé Jelly x Picard & Boyer

Celebrate Life with Festive Indulgence

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The pinnacle of festive indulgence, Confiture Parisienne Pink Millesime is a delicately balanced champagne rosé jelly born from a unique collaboration with Picard & Boyer. Handcrafted in Paris, this jam offers a lavish experience filled with a celebration of flavors.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Much like the bubbling effervescence of a good champagne, the aromatic journey of Confiture Parisienne Pink Millesime begins with a playful dance of scintillating fruity notes. The tantalizing allure of white and black grapes, sweetened by organic cane sugar, takes center stage, with a teasing hint of apple adding a fresh twist to the symphony. A whiff of the exotic vanilla punctuates the overall richness with its calming presence, singing in harmony with the champagne’s complex character. The jam’s personality unfolds onto your palate with a velvety promise, each spoonful a testament to the artisanal craftsmanship of Confiture Parisienne. The unique consistency, creamy yet filled with the delectable texture of crushed grapes, makes this confiture a masterpiece within its category. But of course, the true showstopper is the incorporation of Champagne Rosé, the star that lends this jam its festive spirit and unmissable personality.

Pairings & Suggestions

Savoring Solo: The intensity of flavors makes this jam an exquisite treat to savor on its own.

Breakfast Luxury: Elevate your breakfast pastries, toast, or croissants by spreading a generous layer of this Champagne Rosé jelly.

Cheeseboard Essential: Pair with indulgent cheeses such as a creamy Brie or tangy Roquefort for a delightful contrast.

Foie Gras Companion: This jam’s sweet, fruity undertones act as a beautiful component to balance the rich, buttery foie gras.

Dessert Upgrade: Use as a topping for decadent desserts like panacottas or cheesecakes, adding a flavorful surprise.

A Celebratory Symphony in a Jar

Driven by a passion for producing a taste of celebration that can be relished anytime, Confiture Parisienne embarked on a unique collaboration with Picard & Boyer. The former, a brand known for its epitome-of-luxury jams, and the latter, a renowned champagne supplier, joined hands to curate this exceptional champagne rosé jelly. The result? A limited-edition Millésime jam - an indulgent homage to the joyous spirit of festivities. Each jar tells a tale of two brands, converging their expertise to carve a niche of their own in the world of gourmet foods. It’s a conversation piece that commemorates the art of French preservation and the thrill of celebration, nestled within a delightful blend of flavors.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, ensure the jar is sealed tight and kept refrigerated for freshness. Best consumed within a month of opening.