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Castaing Figs Chutney 100g

Sweet and versatile

This fig chut­ney is sweet, and deli­cious, and goes with almost everything.


Chut¬≠neys are made of dif¬≠fer¬≠ent fruits, veg¬≠eta¬≠bles, and spices, and used as a sweet or tangy addi¬≠tion to a meal.

This Cas¬≠taing chut¬≠ney is made of figs, onions, orange rind, pep¬≠per, and vine¬≠gar. It‚Äôs sweet on the palate, but with a slight tang to bal¬≠ance out the fla¬≠vor. It‚Äôs an incred¬≠i¬≠ble prod¬≠uct, adding an extra lay¬≠er of fla¬≠vor to your dish¬≠es, with¬≠out over¬≠pow¬≠er¬≠ing them.


The very good news is that you can use fig chut¬≠ney for a wide vari¬≠ety of things. You can use it as sim¬≠ply as serv¬≠ing it on your cheese plat¬≠ters. It will pair beau¬≠ti¬≠ful¬≠ly with our Brie de Meaux, our Camem¬≠bert de Nor¬≠mandie, or any oth¬≠er soft cheese.

This is also a foie gras chut¬≠ney, incred¬≠i¬≠ble when paired with the French del¬≠i¬≠ca¬≠cy. (See our array of Cas¬≠taing Foie Gras offers)

Top your sal­ads and oat­meal with it, or exper­i­ment with an assort­ment of sandwiches:

  • Fonti¬≠na and Fig Chut¬≠ney Grilled Cheese ‚Äď lay¬≠er fonti¬≠na cheese, Cas¬≠taing fig chut¬≠ney, and pro¬≠sciut¬≠to between slices of baguette
  • Turkey Pani¬≠ni with Fig Chut¬≠ney ‚Äď Use sour¬≠dough bread light¬≠ly brushed with olive oil to sand¬≠wich slices of roast turkey, some brie, a smear¬≠ing of Cas¬≠taing fig chut¬≠ney, and a sprin¬≠kling of arugula

You can even use fig chut¬≠ney to top your grilled chick¬≠en, braised duck breast, or leg of lamb. 

There is no lim¬≠it to what you can do with a Cas¬≠taing chutney.


The Cas­taing fam­i­ly have been at the fore­front of fine French gas­tron­o­my for gen­er­a­tions, from as far back as 1900. But it wasn’t until 1925, when Joseph Cas­taing found­ed Mai­son Cas­taing that the fam­i­ly cement­ed its role as ambas­sadors of fine food. Locat­ed in Lan­des, the com­pa­ny makes and dis­trib­utes the finest foie gras, ter­rines, con­fit, and oth­er gas­tro­nom­ic delights to var­i­ous pres­ti­gious hotels, restau­rants, retail­ers, and del­i­catessens worldwide.

Storage Instructions

Chut¬≠neys main¬≠tain a long shelf life. Once opened, store in the fridge and use with¬≠in four weeks.

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