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The Cherries by Yannick Colombie

The Prince of Cherries


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The Prince of Cherries, who provides every year the Cherries for the Ritz, but also for the French President and Alain Ducasse.

Tasting Notes

The sweet and deep taste of these cherries, the playfullness of their stems make of these beautiful fruits a staple of European summer. And when they come from Yannick Colombie, who is famous for his organic fruits harvest when perfectly ripe, you know you are in front of something exceptional. They are acclaimed to be the best cherries you can find in France.


These cherries shine alone and are best eaten as is. If you are feeling experimental, Shangri-la Hotel Pastry Chef, Micha ël Bartocetti makes a beautiful dessert by marinating these cherries in Sakura tea and adding Nigori sake ice cream. Regular ice cream from Kurimu works as well!

A Small Farm with Keen Attention to Quality

Yannick Colombie has a small 10 hectares farm in Lizac, Tarn et Garonne, in the South West of France. He is famous for his agriculture focused on extreme quality. The fruits of Yannick Colombie are already present on the tables of the Ritz in Paris or the Bristol. These are even the favored cherries of French President Emmanuel Macron.

The black beast of Yannick Colombie’s team is the rain. If it rains, everything can change. As per the entrepreneur himself, “When it rains, the cherry is full of water, so it is less tasty and less sweet. The rain also damages the fruit. “ Due to their keen attention to quality, these cherries, despite being ordered, are only allowed release by the team if they are 100% sure that cherries are of its best and sweetest state.

Disclaimer on availability

These cherries are available when good weather conditions allow proper harvest of quality cherries. Shall there be any delays or quality alerts from producer in France, you will be informed promptly and will be given the best date to expect the best quality harvest.

Storage Instructions

Store cherries unwashed and uncovered in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Avoid storing cherries near strong-smelling foods (like onions or garlic). Your cherries can take on the odor of these foods which alters their taste. Rinse cherries under cold water only when you are ready to use or eat them. Consume within a week

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