Chatka Authentic Russian King Crab 100% Legs in Brine

The King of the Russian Seas

Widely considered as the best seafood in the world, the Kamchatka Crab (Paralithodes camchaticus or Red King Crab) is the largest and most prized crab in the world. Notoriously difficult to catch, these huge crustaceans are found 600 meters deep beneath the icy waters of Okhhotsk, Bering and Barents near the Kamtchaka Peninsula in Russia.

Experience the taste of a real Russian King Crab, in the luxury of your home.

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Widely sought after by top chefs and restaurateurs, Chatka 100% Legs in Brine starts with carefully selecting the best crustaceans that meet Chatka’s stringent quality standards. Handled and cleaned with care, these are then boiled in fresh seawater to retain its natural, briny flavor. The result is a gourmet product par excellence that is decadently sweet and savory with a firm yet succulent texture.

Made only of 100% Russian King Crab Legs. Fresh Seawater.


With the finest Russian King Crab, there is beauty in its simplicity. Enjoy straight out of its crystal jar, or use them in any recipe that calls for crabmeat and even lobster.

A rich source of protein (20g/100g), Omega 3 and micronutrients such as iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium and Vitamin B, Chatka is suited for low-fat, low-calorie diets with just 1.2g/100g fat content and 86 Kcal/100g calorie content.

The Only Kamtchatka is Chatka

Considered the best seafood in the world, Kamtchatka Crabs are also one of the hardest to capture, with capture only possible 600 meters beneath the sea surface. This beautiful crustacean is also the largest in the world, weighing to about 12.7kg with a leg span of 5.9ft. Since 1912, Chatka Seafood España has been braving the cold, icy seas to bring to table the highest quality Kamtchatka Crabs (Russian King Crab). A century of quality excellence, Chatka carefully selects the finest Russian King Crabs, making sure only the best pieces are boiled in fresh sea water before being sealed and shipped all over the world. Every crystal jar of King Crab CHATKA is a promise of quality indulgence. No wonder their products can be found in prestigious restaurants and delicatessens worldwide, now including Metro Manila courtesy of Bow Tie Duck!

Store in a cool dry place. Does not need refrigeration. Best consumed in room temperature as placing in chiller will make the crab meat softer than usual.

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